4 digital careers that hire a lot based on work study

Are you looking for a work and study program to start the academic year? Do not relax in your effort, August is the last straight line of your orientation. Among the most promising sectors, the digital figure represents nearly one million jobs in France and is under full development. Many Bachelor’s and MBA’s allow you to orient yourself toward diverse and exciting careers by going through the work-study box to work on your employability as much as possible.

MyDigitalSchool, the digital school, offers 13 professional degrees ranging from Bac + 3 to Bac + 5, accessible on 18 campuses in France. Still hesitating between several courses? Focus on 4 particularly thriving professions.

Full stack developer, a safe bet in IT

It is one of the most sought after careers in IT services for digital companies. The full stack developer is distinguished by his strong skills in different areas: front-end, back-end, architecture … and web projects do not hold any secrets for him, because he has mastered the design of a site or application from start to finish. Known for its versatility, it handles different programming languages ​​perfectly, knows how to manage databases or may even have UI and UX concepts. So his technical knowledge is very extensive, and his daily life is not very repetitive.

The average salary is observed

According to the study conducted by Urban Linker in 2021 with 1,300 technical files, a full-stacked junior developer can earn €34,000 per year in the region, and a total of €40,000 per year in Paris. For a high profile profile, the total amounts to €50,000 per year in the regions and €58,000 total per year in Paris on average.

A Word From The Expert – Guillaume Henry, Speaker and Independent Integration Developer

“Dive into development systems, data management, and security… The Integrated Developer MBA gives students all the skills and abilities needed to manage a technical team on the Internet.”

Are you interested in development? MyDigitalSchool also trains in these recruitment professions: web developer, web integrator, web engineer, chief data officer, web project manager, data protection officer, etc.

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UX/UI Design Expert, the guarantor of the efficiency of the user journey

This design expert is dedicated to the experience of your website or app visitors. Through the work it does on the interfaces, it seeks to improve the navigation and experience of these users, by catering to their needs and allowing them to obtain the required information or actions in the most flexible way possible. , while respecting the challenges of product users. With a good knowledge of graphic design software, page layout rules, HTML/CSS (and related limitations), marketing and web projects in general, he must adapt to the constant changes in the sector.

The average salary is observed

According to the Hays 2022 salary study, a junior UX/UI designer starts at more than 30 thousand euros per year. With a high rank, his gross wage can exceed 50,000 euros per year.

Expert Speech – Cedric, User Experience Design Speaker

I incorporate into my teaching the principle of active pedagogy by leaving part of the work to the students’ independence. Thus, each course consists of theoretical contributions, demonstrations and practical workshops. »

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Web Business Manager, 2.0 Business Developer

The Web Business Manager works in the company’s commercial division, with solid digital experience. A sales technology specialist, knows how to use the tools at his disposal (such as a CRM) to deploy an appropriate business strategy and thus gain new customers. He knows the tools for using digital channels to communicate with his interlocutors: internal marketing, nurturing potential customers, or even social selling. An indispensable role in the growth of the company, a web business manager is especially required.

The average salary is observed

A junior web account manager can start their career with a gross salary of between €25,000 and €30,000 per year. A variable part should be added based on its trading performance. A large profile can exceed €50,000 in annual compensation.

Student’s word – Thomas MBA student responsible for web affairs

“During my training, I was able to discover new ways of sales and communication that particularly intrigued me. All these technologies combined with the Internet and new technologies represent for me the future of commerce.”

Are you interested in e-commerce? MyDigitalSchool also trains in these hiring professions: e-commerce manager, web product manager, sales manager, business unit manager, e-business consultant, etc.

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Social media manager, corporate spokesperson in its communities

An expert in digital communication, the Social Media Manager designs and manages the presence strategy for a brand or company on social media, from TikTok to Instagram via Twitch. Its mission is broad and includes several key aspects: creating branded content, distributing it to targeted targets for free (membership) or paid (social advertising and SEA), and partnerships with influencers or platform animations. and spaces for dialogue with clients and prospects. Its objectives can be directed towards communication and marketing but also towards commerce.

The average salary is observed

According to the 2021 Sector Salary Survey, the average salary of a social media manager is €33,000 per year. This salary becomes more important depending on the experience and the size of the company he works for.

Expert word – Gaëlle Sacarabany, speaker, social media expert and CMS

Web and Social Media Marketing at MyDigitalSchool enables students to have a wide range of online marketing skills. Courses, like test grounds, encourage them to challenge their creativity and develop their technical skills. »

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MyDigitalSchool accompanies you until you sign the work and study contract

In order to succeed in your studies and orient yourself as much as possible towards the profession you plan to pursue, it is important that you choose your school carefully. MyDigitalSchool accompanies you throughout your journey to advance your career. For 3 years, from bac + 3 to bac + 5, you will complete your course in rotation and will be able to benefit from the network of 800 digital partner companies, whether they are startups, ESNs, SMEs or large groups. Support also includes job dating and coaching sessions, as well as two annual work and study fairs hosted on the MyDigitalSchool campus. Proof of the effectiveness of these methods, the integration rate is 95%! Want to know more about the 13 professional degrees offered at 18 campuses in France? Contact MyDigitalSchool!

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