What does the first letter to shareholders from Andy Gacy, CEO of Amazon, hide?

Andy Gacy, CEO of Amazon, first participated in the highly framed exercise of the letter to shareholders on April 14. In the program a lot of self-congratulations and some secret questions.

At Amazon, we don’t talk about unions

In his position since July 2021, Andy Gacy has not failed to salute with skill, since the beginning of his text, Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. He followed in his footsteps to ensure its continuity, and to address the shareholders in any way.” Jeff has set the bar high for these letters, and I’ll try to make them worth reading. “.

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Amazon CO2 emissions increased 18% in 2021

So is this long and very long letter worth reading? Definitely for contributors, employees, and fans of Amazon. For ordinary mortals, the summary is sufficient. Covid, distribution network and employee welfare are the main areas being addressed.

Angry cases are handled, except for antitrust cases, but you still have to be patient. Andy Gacy focused on well-being at work. Without broaching the very hot issue of unions, he is especially aware that there is a problem with the work accident rate. If he asserts that he is still in the sector average, he admits that it is not enough, as did in his era Jeff Bezos.

It is said that Amazon started a search for ” Create a list of what we believe are the 100 most important weaknesses in the employee experience in order to solve it. The company swears it’s working.” Enthusiastically To improve the security of its ordering distribution network.

What’s at stake for Amazon goes beyond just the good. The company’s image has been heavily tarnished by employee testimonials for the frenetic pace the company has imposed. Image is one thing for clients, and it’s also one thing for hiring, in the United States employers struggle to hire. When Amazon, the country’s second-largest employer, offers a minimum wage of $18, well above the national average across the Atlantic, it clearly takes that factor into account.

After work, Andy Gacy also admitted ” On our scale, we have a large carbon footprint “.It is inevitable that the activities of the giant in both e-commerce and the cloud will be especially polluted. At this point, the leader promises to feed.” Our activities using 100% renewable energy by 2025 He also says the company has invested in 100,000 electric trucks.

The Covid: The start of a buzz for Andy Jassy

Prior to these issues, the CEO basically addressed what marked the beginning of his trend, Covid. The global leader in e-commerce has benefited greatly from the pandemic. Commander says, We have achieved three year planned growth in about 15 months Above all, he is pleased that once restrictions were relaxed or lifted, Amazon entered the mores of its customers. for the greater part of their domestic purchases “.

The captain said a little proudly: We’ve spent the first 25 years of Amazon building a very large fulfillment network, and we’ve had to double that in the past 24 months to keep up with customer demand. “.

Inevitably, this type of development is not without modifications, failures and unknowns. The pandemic has disrupted the supply chain, and most recently the war in Ukraine has increased fuel prices and thus freight transportation… For Andy Gacy, if Amazon can stand up” We didn’t start from nothing “.

It was no surprise that Jassy said an amazing word for Amazon Web Services, a way of congratulating former AWS CEO Andy on the success. In this letter, the Amazon leader slipped into his predecessor’s continuity while giving the path he intended to give the company.

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