This free tool allows you to collect customer feedback in the form of short videos

Collecting customer feedback is essential to improving your offer and better meeting buyers’ needs. Milk Video is a platform that makes it easy to get consumer reviews, but in video form. Just send them a link.

Get individual answers in just a few clicks

An email and some information about his post are enough to reach Milk Video. On the platform, click on the Create Registration Form button to start the process. Survey name is required. It should reflect its theme. For example, it could be called “lipstick product reviews” if you’re a beauty brand, or “platform test score” if you’re in marketing. It is then necessary to choose the form called “Customer Certificate”.

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Milk illustration video

It is enough that you send a link to their clients for them to record their video. Illustration: Milk video.

milk illustration video

Videos can be exported easily. Illustration: Milk video.

During the second step, you have to write the question that the consumer will answer. It is possible to ask if the tested solution is comfortable, if the texture of the product is pleasant or if the customer journey is easy to understand. These are the items that will improve their presentation. Finally, you should copy/paste the link and send it to the respective consumers. They will just have to click on it to save their answer. The video is sent after you hit “Review and Submit”, and provide some basic information such as its name.

All recorded videos appear on the Milk Video platform. It is copied automatically by the tool. Note that this feature can also be used to transcribe a webinar or podcast.

Videos are fully customizable. It is possible to add your logo, subtitles, color banners. Milk Video also offers the ability to cut recordings into several parts in order to keep only the recordings that interest us most. It can be interesting to create a compilation of moments when users explain why they like a product, and post it on social networks or its platform.

Milk Video is also useful in other use cases, for example to gather the opinions of his collaborators on a project, or to get the perspective of several professionals on a topic.

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