The State Council approved CNIL’s penalty against Amazon

Two years after punishing Amazon with a fine of 35 million euros, the Council of State ratified the decision made by the National Commission for Information and Liberties (CNIL) on June 27, 2022. Amazon was sentenced to place advertising cookies on the computers of users of its e-commerce platform, without To offer them the possibility of refusing them.

CNIL does not hesitate to impose fines for violating cookie regulations

Since the deliberations of September 17, 2020 issued by CNIL, users must be informed in a clear and concise manner about the purpose of cookies. In addition, Internet users should be able to refuse the deposit of these cookies with a single click. These directives fall directly under Article 82 of the Data Protection Act which transmits the European Privacy Directive (Electronic Privacy).

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For not following these rules strictly, Amazon received a heavy fine from CNIL. The e-commerce giant isn’t the only one that has been fined for not complying with this new regulation. Facebook and Google have been fined tens of millions of euros for the same reasons. In all, nearly two dozen sites have been suspended and nearly 90 organizations have been suspended by the CNIL for violating rules on cookies.

After Google, Amazon sees the fine imposed by CNIL confirmed

At the beginning of 2022, Google saw the Council of State confirm the fine imposed by the CNIL in 2020 in the amount of 100 million euros. Mountain View had asked the State Council in the hope that it would be able to cancel the payment of this fine. This is not the case because Google has already paid this amount. Now it’s Amazon’s turn to get its hands on the wallet.

With reference to the decision in the Google case, the State Council ” Confirmed CNIL’s competence to sanction cookies outside the single window mechanism set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) […] Even if the data controller is not created in France According to the administrative authority The amount of the fine imposed by CNIL is not disproportionate with respect to the severity of the violations, the scope of processing and the financial capacity of the company Amazon’s appeal is dismissed and the company will soon have to pay the amount claimed.

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