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Hoàng Thi Thao, Chief Operating Officer, Novaon Tech (1Verse Rank, Medium), was awarded the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Vietnam in 2022.

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Recognizing the growing digital transformation needs in the country, since 2006, Novaon Group has embarked on developing IT services for businesses. Novaon Tech was created for this purpose. The latter now operates an ecosystem of twenty solutions for 100% digital transformation in Vietnam. This ecosystem rests on three pillars: solutions for data processing and production of measurement reports; Online sales monitoring and operational control solutions, says Ngô Sy Trung, CEO of Novaon Tech.

We’ve built tools to drive sales like marketing automation. These computer tools make it possible to attract more customers, to make them loyal to the products offered by the companies that use them and thus to increase their sales. We also provide platforms to improve business productivity“, He says.

Relevant solutions at competitive prices and after sales service have allowed Novaon Tech to retain 95,000 companies operating in seven different areas, namely education, textile apparel, building materials, retail, financial and banking, and healthcare. and real estate. Dozens of them are included in the list of the top 500 companies in Vietnam (VNR500).

Digital transformation is a growing need for Vietnamese companies. Realizing this trend, our company has procured professional IT solutions to improve productivity. These programs are clearly more efficient than traditional or free tools. I highly advise other companies to use these services to improve their performance.‘,” says Lê Ngoc Anh, Director of Anh Tu International Trade and Technology Corporation.

Among the best computer product designers

We employ a lot of employees and to improve human resource management, we must use high performance software. This software also allows employees to check their working hours and salary, as well as communicate with the company’s management.‘,” says Lê Phuc Tiên, of Bac Giang General Textiles (LGG).

On July 15, Novaon Tech was elected among the “Best 4.0 IT Product and Technology Solution Designers” at the Vietnam Best 4.0 Enterprise Awards 2022, organized by the Federation of Vietnam Scientific and Technological Associations (VUSTA), Vietnam Automation Association (VAA) and the Institute for Innovation and Digital Transition (VIDTI). This event aims to celebrate the companies and institutions involved in the scientific and technological development, particularly in the digital economy of Vietnam.

Novaon Tech’s software, including OnMarketer, OnCustomer, OnCRM, OnPeople, OnSign, OnWorkd and OnShop, has been recognized as the best solutions for companies to solve problems related to customers, operational management and e-commerce. Novaon Tech has also received other awards, including Top Ten IT Companies in Vietnam, Best Solutions Awards 2021, Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Vietnam (Fast500) in 2019, 2020 and 2021, Sao Kho Award 2019-2020- 2021 In 2021, Chief Technology Officer, Vu Quang Tam, was elected among six influential young leaders in the country’s digital transformation.

Very popular in Vietnam, Novaon Tech is a partner of many global giants, including Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Uipath and Salesforce.

Satisfying Vietnamese companies and international partners is the biggest motivation for us to develop new IT solutions in Vietnam, says Nguyen Minh Quy, President of Novaon Group.

We are considering hosting conferences on the topic of digital transformation and online commerce with local communities. This project will be implemented in cooperation with regional e-commerce and start-up associations. The goal is to share experiences about the digital transformation of Vietnamese companies and inspire others to do the same.“, Indicates.

Novaon Tech is determined to maintain its position as a leading resource for companies in the process of digital transformation.


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