How to improve your site’s performance thanks to growing marketing?

Digital technology has completely changed the expectations and needs of consumers. Now, 80% of them want to try “compressed trading”, i.e. move as quickly as possible from the stage of inspiration to the stage of buying. To meet this new requirement, marketing growth appears to be the key solution. This new strategy seems inevitable to improve brand experiences.

Before creating it, it is necessary to assess its digital maturity. The latest guide published by Emakina, Front-Commerce, and Contentsquare aims to help you with this process. Their teams of experts give you multiple recommendations to start the process of data analysis and improve business performance for your e-commerce site.

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Key things to remember before embarking on growth marketing

Implementing a growth marketing strategy requires realizing a few elements, starting with the fact that an aesthetic ecommerce website is not enough to achieve your business goals. It is essential to think of your platform within a global cycle. From brand discovery to purchasing, every step must be optimized across all channels. So the brand experience must be designed in an ecosystem, with a content strategy adapted to each touch point.

To provide the expected customer experience, it is of course necessary to pay attention to the behavior of buyers. Now, they want to be able to get products quickly on their favorite channels. Therefore, it is essential to make information about its brand and articles easily accessible on its platform, as well as outside it. By having this guide, you will discover the three factors that greatly influence the purchasing decisions of consumers.

To develop an effective strategy for his e-commerce site, a continuous performance approach must be deployed. At the heart of this must be the user. This e-book will help you understand how growth marketing can help you in this task.

In short, it should be a priority to stand out from the competition while offering a frictionless, inclusive digital journey. You will get the procedures that need to be put into place in this guide.

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Reorganization of a project in several stages

With a specific case, you will discover how to incorporate growth marketing into your platform re-establishment project. This is done in several steps. In this guide, Emakina decodes each of them, starting with a platform reset. You have to manage the scope of the project, choose the partners, do the analytics, take care of the design, build the new platform… Lots of elements detailed with clear diagrams in the operation manual.

Then comes the moment of departure. We have to make sure everything is up and running and test the new platform with synthetic data. The site can then be launched gradually. Post-platform reset is then done in three stages, which you can read by downloading this guide.

As you understand, the challenge is to carefully follow each step. Emakina can accompany you through all of them. A digital business agency is concerned with auditing, co-design, respect for delivery and execution as well as ongoing performance. It all depends on proven technology solutions like Contentsquare for data analytics and Front-Commerce for designing high-performance mobile interfaces. In the final part of this e-book, you’ll discover how his method can help you before, during and after the platform reset.

This playbook is essential to understanding how to put growth marketing at the service of your e-commerce site’s performance. Don’t forget to download it to see all the tips and recommendations from Emakina, Front-Commerce, and Contentsquare.

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