How do you succeed in implementing your own collaborative solution?

In order to calmly resume work at the beginning of the school year, a good organization of teamwork is necessary.

To do this, it is wise to pay attention to new tools that make it possible to save time, work together more simply and get a full view of the projects in progress. A collaborative solution that precisely meets all of these needs.

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On Tuesday, September 13 at 2:30 PM, Jamespot invites you to a webinar to guide you properly in setting up and deploying your collaborative tool. The goal is to help you become more efficient.

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Get the right tool

On a daily basis, employees have to work together on many projects. Whether it is a marketing campaign or a new product launch, the challenge remains the same: How do you succeed in operating optimally? In fact, it’s hard to be really productive when you have to switch between emails and a video conferencing platform, order a document from another team… Concretely, the backlog of tools that don’t work together wastes everyone’s precious time. perform a task.

This is the specific problem that a collaborative solution solves. It brings together all the company’s resources and tools to simplify employee collaboration and communication around the project. The goal is to be able to work in synergy to gain efficiency. To achieve this goal, the challenge remains to arm oneself with the appropriate solution.

During this webinar, Matthew Lewis, Co-Founder and Project Director and Robin David, Account Manager at Jamespot, will give you tips on how to make the right decision and increase the productivity of your teams. They will highlight features that may be useful depending on your business needs.

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Best practices to adopt to publicize your project

Once you’ve chosen the right solution, it’s time to implement it. And here again, the questions vie: How do I start my project? How do you make this change? Lots of questions Jamespot speakers will give you answers to on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 at 2:30 PM.

You will discover the steps to follow to make your project truly successful. For example, communicating well internally about these transitions and providing training is recommended, because some employees are less comfortable with digital collaboration than others. For forty-five minutes, experts will share several tips to support your employees in these transitions.

Here are the highlights of this webinar organized by Jamespot:

  • Your company: the starting point for your project;
  • Tool selection: classification and functionality;
  • Post your solution: advice, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid;
  • Jamespot and its dedicated support in building your own modular solution;
  • Question and answer session.

New technologies provide opportunities you need to learn how to benefit your organization. To find out how to do that, sign up now for the webinar organized by Jamespot. For absentees, do not panic, it is possible to get a reboot so that you do not miss any advice from professionals and successfully implement your collaborative solution.

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