Amazon fears it will run out of employees in its US warehouses by 2024

An internal study conducted at Amazon showed that the American giant It could run out of workers in its warehouse Americans by 2024. Jeff Bezos has always bet on replenishing warehouse staff, to avoid it “to sink into the middle level”. If this study is correct, he can bite his fingers.

Employment crisis from 2024 in Amazon?

The report is very clear: If the company maintains its usual management practices, the supply of available labor in the United States may be exhausted as early as 2024. Certain areas of the country may be affected before that date. for example The state of the phoenix in Arizonawhich was already exhausted “Available Employment Pool” Since late 2021. California’s Inland Empire may reach its breaking point by the end of 2022, according to the study. The problem is simple: On average, a warehouse worker stays at Amazon for only eight months.

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Annual attrition rate is about 150%, more than double the comparable retail and logistics sectors in the United States. The report highlights the extremely low price per hour applied by Amazon. While companies like Walmart offer experienced warehouse employees $25 an hour, On Amazon we don’t go over $18 an hour. An option the company can pay dearly for. This is without taking into account Amazon’s infamous working conditions policy…

Unacceptable working conditions

There are a bunch of examples on this topic. Last year warehouse workers were killed when a tornado hit a warehouse. Amazon refused to let them go home. Now the company is accused of obstructing the investigation into the warehouse collapse. There are also 140,000 British delivery drivers compensated due to AI cameras Installed in their trucks for monitoring. These are just very recent examples, which explains why some repositories have a union.

Jose Pagan, a 35-year-old former warehouse worker in the Bronx, New York said: He was fired after taking two days off To remove an infected tooth. He collected enough vacation time to cover this absence, but Amazon didn’t use it because the employee didn’t expect to request it in advance. His badge soon stopped working.

However, Amazon She realizes that paying her workers more is a good idea. The study shows that the labor pool increases by 7% for every dollar added to wages. A $1.50 hourly rate hike may be enough to delay the 2024 crisis for three years…

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