Amazon and Meta spend record sums to maintain their pressure

hill Just published a study by OpenSecrets, which Lifts the veil over the standard amounts That the tech giants spend to maintain their pressure. This is especially the case for Meta and Amazon, which have spent respectively $20.1 and $20.3 million To put pressure on major global institutions.

Amazon spent $20.3 million on lobbyists

It must be admitted that topics related to tech giants are increasingly present in the US Congress or the European Commission. Their abuse of a dominant position or anti-competitive behavior is regularly discussed. for Try to tip the scales When laws are passed, they rely on their own lobbying actions.

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So Amazon is the champion in this field: the American giant has spent about $ 20.3 million for this. For its part, Meta spent $20.1 million, according to documents submitted to Congress on Thursday, January 20. It seems that two tech giants They increased their stress spending by about 7%. Compared to 2020. Both Meta and Amazon have gone to great lengths to try to pressure lawmakers to drop bills intended to limit their power.

The major US tech companies are currently trying to lobby for one particular bill. This is the US Online Innovation and Choice Act. In its current version, this script can block “dominant companies”which includes Amazon, Google, Apple and Meta, To give preference to their own products or discriminate against their competitors on their platforms.

Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai have personally met with the senators to demand that they oppose this bill. Since then, senators have said they are ready to make changes that would be in the best interest of the industry… Evidence of the effectiveness of lobbying for the American giants. Amazon and Meta together have contracted with dozens of companies to publish lobbyists with close ties to congressional leaders and Biden administration officials.

For its part, Google spent $9.6 million on lobbying in 2021. This isn’t an annual record for Mountain View, but it’s a 27% increase over 2020. At Apple, Even spending on lobbying has gone down Compared to last year: $6.5 million was allocated to lobbying activities, compared to about $6.7 million in 2020. This does not prevent the tech giants from remaining in the first lobby.

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