The skills you need in 2022

Essential skills for working in the digital sector in 2022

For several years now, digital technology has been increasingly used in all areas of activity. The restrictions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic were an opportunity for companies, institutions and associations to seize new opportunities and above all to change their ways of working. During this period, digitization skills have proven to be extremely vital for many organizations and workers. If you are interested in the burgeoning digital sector, as part of mentoring or retraining, I tell you the skills you must have to succeed in 2022. But first, together, let’s take a look at the online gaming sector, an industry that has thrived thanks to digital.

Digital contributions to the online gaming industry

If there is one sector that has been heavily influenced by digital, it is the online gaming sector, including slot machines, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc. In the past, to play these types of entertainment options, enthusiasts were required to dress appropriately, sometimes travel long distances, and travel to wild establishments where they had to search for free and available tables. Thanks to the latest generation technologies, this industry has been completely digitized. Today, it’s possible to easily access the largest selection of slot machines or a full range of card and table games from your computer, tablet or Android, iOS or Windows smartphone, all without moving a toe off your couch. The same is true for other online games whose accessibility and convenience have been greatly improved. And most interestingly, it is possible to play these entertainment options just for fun or to choose real money by visiting virtual establishments. This trend is not about to stop, with the arrival of Web3 which will make all this entertainment easier to access.

The current importance of digital marketing

As you well know, digital marketing is now the best way to connect with potential customers or clients. To make your products and services better known, you need to meet consumers wherever they are on the Internet. According to several studies, consumers spend twice as much time on the Internet today than they did 10 years ago. In turn, more and more companies are publishing prime web presence resources. If you aspire to this field, you must necessarily master marketing tools such as social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.), email, newsletters, etc. In addition to mastering these tools, it is important to have knowledge of managing public relations, customer loyalty, growth snooping, and e-commerce. You must also have mastery of free (SEO) and paid (SEA) referral techniques, know how to write web content in an irreplaceable manner, and have concepts in a CMS like WordPress or Drupal and in HTML.

Programming, IT, web and application development

When we talk about digital services or technology products, the first thing that comes to mind is computer code. If programs and applications of any kind or web pages work, it is precisely thanks to computer programming. Augmented reality and virtual reality are emerging technologies that are also benefiting from coding. The most used languages ​​for web and application development, software design and any other programming are Python, Java, C, C++, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, Code Igniter, PHP/JavaScript, and MySQL. Possessing skills in this field is a major asset. It can help you land your dream job in the digital industry.

Apart from the major computer languages ​​that you need to know, it is important that you are fluent in Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and computer applications and software for use in your sector of activity. You must also be able to build and manage a website and put solutions on it to satisfy your users. Remember that programming and IT are at the forefront of the skills most in demand by recruiters in the labor market in 2022. Therefore, being equipped with skills in these areas is a real boon.

Digital design and data visualization

If there is one similarity between all digitization tools, it is the user interface. Be it websites, apps, software, or other digital services, they all have this in common. So, having UI design skills is a great advantage. The main software to master for this is Adobe, Sketch, and Figma. Digital design also includes the user experience. Regarding this aspect, you should be able to identify the real needs of the users to provide them with a satisfactory experience. This involves visualizing data. This skill is very important to recruiters, as it is supposed to assist management in making sound business decisions for the company. The main analysis tools that you need to master to do a good analysis are Microsoft Power BI, Google Charts, Tableau, and Zoho Analytics.

digital product management

Managing digital products is a very valuable skill in the field of digitalization, especially when you aspire to work in a business. You need to be able to define your inventory management strategy in order to get accurate forecasts for different transactions and to optimize this process as much as possible. In a company, it is called the “digital life cycle of a product.” So you must literally master this process, and also know how to use the main digital tools involved. The most popular with businesses are SaaS (Software as a Service), cloud, and artificial intelligence. Their mastery will be a great asset to you for anyone who wants to develop in this branch.

Fighting piracy and digital threats

Today, some schools are training in digital threat awareness and anti-piracy. If you have such skills, know that many companies are also hiring in this digital branch. Despite the existence of sophisticated encryption systems today, the phenomena and threats related to hacking remain relevant, not to mention that hackers are constantly looking for and finding new vulnerabilities or new ways to create them. To avoid any interference with their systems, companies call on the services of experts in this field. Thus, having skills in awareness of digital threats would be a huge advantage, as they basically have a preventive mission. They must master the firewall protection system, VPN configuration, external data backup, secure emails and, of course, passwords used in the framework of the company’s activities.

Data science and data analytics

Data science and data analysis is a discipline that data scientist recruits look for. As you know, companies are collecting more and more data these days. To exploit them in the best possible way, they are constantly looking for analysts in the field. As a data analyst, you are required to exploit and interpret data to draw useful conclusions. The last purpose of decision-making within the company is to significantly improve its performance.

digital business analysis

Digital business analysis is a highly sought-after skill in the job market in 2022. Today, most companies that are involved in economic life are digitalizing their production devices. In turn, they increasingly need a digital business analyst to help with decision making and improve business performance. If you aspire to this profile, you must master spreadsheets such as Excel or Open Office, programming tools, extraction and statistical processing. You should also have skills in database management systems and their interpretation, not forgetting the mastery of graphical representations. Knowledge of all CRM software will be a huge advantage.

Other Skills for Digital Work in 2022

Although everything happens digitally in the digital sector, some behavioral skills remain important to better express those we have. Curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, organization, diversity, and listening skills are among the many other aspects that can really support your resume when you find yourself facing a recruiter. For example, having a spirit of creativity will facilitate the transformation of your ideas into reality and allow you to better coordinate the skills acquired on the basis of exercises. On the other hand, versatility and adaptability will allow you to better manage different tasks simultaneously. Possession of analytical thinking, a fairly developed ability to be innovative and quick to solve problems are also useful skills for you.

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