Huawei and North African companies are accelerating the transformation

Huawei, along with telecom operators, industry partners and industry leaders in North Africa, organized the Operational Excellence Digital Transformation Summit, North Africa OTF 2022, under the theme: “Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Telecom Operators’ Operations for Trade Success” at this major event, participated Operators such as Orange MEA, Egypt ET and Cameroon MTN their strategies and best practices regarding digital transformations Telecom operators, industry analysts and Huawei also discussed industry standards for digital transformation as well as future development trends in terms of industry standards for digital transformation.

Maurice Ma, President of Huawei’s Software Business Division, Simon Liang, Vice President of Huawei Services, Software and Solution Marketing, Ken Tongli, Director of Huawei Solutions Planning and Consulting, and Benjamin Hu, President of Huawei’s Carrier Business for North Africa, also presented Huawei’s global best practices in Develop new digital services and digitally transform operations.

“In terms of strategies, insights and trends, Huawei rests on three pillars to transform the operator more flexibly. In detail, these focus on converged and intelligent digital services, on data-driven end-experience and on predictive and intelligent operation and maintenance,” said Simon Liang, who shares Huawei’s strategy in relation to Develop new digital services and digital transformation of operations.

Simon Liang, Vice President of Services, Software and Solutions Marketing at Huawei, during his keynote speech.

During the event, telecom operators also held in-depth discussions and shared their experiences on important topics such as developing new digital services and digital transformation of operations.

Automation and digitization are key to meeting business, technology, and customer experience challenges. We also need, and this is essential, to upgrade our AI and big data tools in order to improve cost and technology efficiency.Abdul Rahman Zongo, Director of Orange Group Functional Operations, OMEA confirmed.

For his part, Khaled Attia, a CCEx project advisor to the Saudi Telecom Company, said: After 10 years of enhancing Customer Experience Management (CEM), STC has entered an era of profound transformation.
It is evolving towards intelligent, data-driven convergent operations through the CCEx lifecycle Corporate Customer Experience Management. “

For Marie-Rose Daya, Managing Director of Customer Experience and MTN Services in Cameroon, “Accurate marketing focused on customer experience is the single most important factor in enabling business success.”

The industrial partners, telecom operators and Huawei also organized a group of experts around four main themes:

  • The impact of the pandemic on the digital transformation of operators;
  • Existing transformation strategies and challenges faced by some operators;
  • The digital transformation strategy focused on improving customer experience based on data;
  • The development and future of fintech-led digital operator services in North Africa.

Finally, Simon Liang returned to the principles of “Think Big, Start Small”, before announcing that Huawei had already opened the Digital Transformation Center for North African operations, helping to unleash the power of transformation. operations and help operators achieve continued business success. During OTF 2022 for North Africa held July 21-22 in Casablanca, Morocco, Huawei collaborated with global operators, industry leaders and thought leaders to discuss important topics such as trends in industry or digital services and digital operation and maintenance, thus contributing to the future of digital networks .

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