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Do you run a business and are looking for ways to increase productivity? Are you a sales manager or responsible for customer acquisition in your company and would like to save time in customer acquisition? Datananas is a B2B solution that helps professionals increase productivity when prospecting via email! This B2B prospecting tool offers a 14-day free trial and will help you save valuable time targeting and managing your email prospecting campaigns. Find more details about this French SaaS b2b solution here.

What is the Datananas solution and what is it actually used for?

date pineapple is an online sales prospecting software solution that helps businesses generate qualified leads in a semi-automated manner. The solution assists prospects with various time-consuming tasks such as:

  1. Finding qualified leads via Linkedin,
  2. The creation of a prospecting file,
  3. Building prospecting scenarios with different tasks (calls, emails, reminders, etc.),
  4. Creation of email templates with customized dynamic variables,
  5. The creation of automated email sequences,
  6. Manage your prospecting from a single dashboard.

What are the main features of Datananas?

Datananas offers many features related to B2B email prospecting, here is a non-exhaustive overview.

Database import and contact collection from Linkedin

To deliver Datanana’s prospects to contact, several solutions are possible: importing your own prospect database or directly sourcing qualified prospects via Linkedin.

Create custom email templates

Datananas offers more than 50 ready-made email templates that you only have to adapt to your company. In addition to the available templates, emails can be personalized with variables available in the database.

Create automated personalized email sequences

Datananas dashboard

After the prospect database is created and the email templates are defined, the solution helps you create automated sequences of cold emails. Once the scenarios have been created, the emails will be sent automatically.

Datanana's shipping plan

Track the progress of his prospecting team and the performance of his campaigns

Datananas performance monitoring

The solution provides its users with a dashboard that not only allows managers to monitor the performance of their sales reps, but also allows potential managers to monitor their prospects’ progress in the conversion tunnel while also tracking past, current, and future email sequences to see Email KPIs like open rate, number of opens and number of replies are also available.

How much time can we save by using datananas?

How much time you can save with such a solution depends on two factors:

  • The number of prospects to be contacted per week;
  • The number of email reminders in your prospecting process.

The solution also provides an online time savings calculator where you can adjust the two variables to estimate your productivity gain.

For example, With an average of 50 prospects contacted per week and a prospecting process with 5 follow-up emails, the average time saving per seller is 50% (Estimated 300 minutes of prospecting/week without Datananas versus 128 with the solution). Every year, the gain in productivity becomes even more interesting, because once the processes and procedures have been configured, you only have to feed the software with leads and process their feedback. Datananas estimates that it takes around 27 days to create a scenario from A to Z (writing the various personalized follow-up emails, creating a database, etc.).

Customer service, support, support… what does Datananas offer?

The online help center, regular themed webinars, chat support, phone support (depending on the plan) and personalized support with a dedicated account manager are all services that Datananas offers on top of its solution.

As you have understood, the solution is not just a self-service SaaS software, Datananas positions itself as a real partner that accompanies you in all aspects of commercial prospecting.

What do customers think of Datananas?

Here is an overview of some feedback from customers using the solution:

“Great solution that saves us a lot of time in our acquisition and account management measures. Datananas thus allows us to maintain a significant volume of business annually »

“I chose Datananas because of the ease of use. I have discovered support at the top for more than a year of use and have particularly noticed the effectiveness of the campaigns that have allowed us to qualify a number of prospects that I would never have been able to reach without the tool! »

Other reviews can be viewed directly on their Google My Business listing.

What are the prices of Datananas?

Datananas offers three monthly subscription plans. Here you are :

  1. The Pro formula from €60 plus VAT per month,
  2. The corporate formula at €1,200 excluding taxes per year,
  3. The Enterprise Connect formula for €1,440 excluding taxes per year.

The main differences between the plans are those with Enterprise and Enterprise Connect plans:

  • Monthly support is offered
  • Telephone support is available
  • Access to the API is possible,
  • One-click import of contacts is available from the Linkedin Sales Navigator tool (Company Connect version only).
  • The contact limit per account will be increased from 10,000 to 50,000.

If you want to test Datananas to assess how the platform can really help you gain productivity, a free 14-day trial version is possibleall you have to do is Create a free account on the solution page (or request a free demo).

This article was written as part of a sponsored partnership with Datananas

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