▷ +25 key figures in web marketing not to be ignored in 2022!

The French spend a lot of time on the Internet consulting thousands of websites, downloading applications, going on social networks … but how often? What is the behavior of users? their behavior in the buying process? If you want to establish yourself in an increasingly competitive market, don’t miss these key figures for adapting your digital marketing strategy…

The first numbers to consider relate to the number of people using the Internet in France. Of the 65.51 million who live in France, nearly 61 million of them regularly go to the Internet, i.e. 1.5 million over 2021. The country also has about 53 million users of social networks, representing 80.3% of the population and an increase of 3 million over the previous year. Smartphone use has also become practically generalized, since almost 87% of people who consult the Internet do so in this way. In light of these numbers, companies are able to adapt their sales strategies taking into account the size of this market.

In 2022, owning a website has become a must for businesses, regardless of their size. so 66% of VSE companies and SMEs have websitesIt is a necessary interface now to interact with customers and build loyalty. Remember that in 2012 the number of websites was 1.83 billion.

Despite the fact that more and more French people use the Internet, there is still 32% are entrepreneurs Who feel they don’t benefit from owning a website.

according to 34% of entrepreneursIt can be very expensive for them to build a website. Prices vary according to required performance. Production can be free, it can be paid (and can reach more than 100,000 euros) if the entrepreneur wants to have a more detailed site with different sections.

However, it is interesting for entrepreneurs to benefit from the fact that in 2022French Internet users are online for approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes per day. That’s a bit lower than it was in 2021, but it’s still a number to exploit when TV only draws them 3:19 a day.

The French spend more time on social networks. they went from 1 hour 41 minutes to 1 hour 46 minutes.

In this context, 60% of French people have an account on one or more of the existing social networks.

Related chat apps are used by 62% of French who have a cell phone.

The main smartphone users are young people between 18 and 24 years old. 98% of young people in this age group own their cell phone.

Online shopping has been boosted during the booking period due to the coronavirus. in 2022, 62% of French people continue to shop online using their smartphones.

Close 14 million French I went to an online sales site to make a purchase.

Of all the people who have bought online, 36% of them signed up for home delivery.

Contrary to what one might think, although smartphone users are more likely to purchase online, those who do so from their PC are more likely to make purchases. Cart abandonment is higher on mobile, as it is 97% vs 70% on the computer.

The influence of bloggers is well established. Thus, they have 63% more user magazines.

The convenience of navigation plays a major role for users. A page or site that is difficult to access will reduce its attractiveness. 70% of online businesses failbecause the work environment has not been processed.

A slow website loading can be a blocker for 53% of visitors.

The purpose of a company’s website is to present its activities and encourage visitors to purchase. If it does not have a call to action or a call to action (CTA), the process may be doomed to fail. 70% of SME websites do not have a CTA.

Before making a purchase, Internet users want to know both about the company from which they will buy a product, and about the last one. So 52% of them would like to have a file The “About Us” section is well detailed.

In addition, 64% of them want a phone number, or a means that allows them to contact the company in order to provide complaints or positive feedback about the product or service obtained if necessary.

86% of potential customers need to know the specifics of the product or service they are going to buy. They are 72% based on opinions expressed by other internet users as much as they rely on oral opinions.


These numbers are essential tools for marketers. The latter needs to satisfy the increasingly well-informed and increasingly knowledgeable clientele. If video marketing is not mentioned, the fact remains that it is one of the most effective mediums because 66% of Internet users would rather watch a video online than read a long text.Explanation about a specific product.

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