What are the necessary software?

That’s it, after months of procrastination, you’ve finally decided: You’re embarking on a digital transformation. Believe us, you are right! Indeed, digital transformation, in addition to being an environmental and economic issue, is above all a very exciting development lever for companies, whatever their size. Indeed, digital transformation allows companies in particular to be more competitive on a national as well as international level, but also to develop in a more incremental way. However, to succeed in your digital transformation, you must be well equipped and above all well informed. Today, that is exactly our goal, we will advise you on the equipment and software that you must have for success.

Business Management Software

Indeed, to get started, you will need our oxygen management software. It is an ideal program that will allow you to take advantage of a large number of advantages that will, above all, simply simplify your life. Digital transformation is a set of small programs and solutions that must be put in place to digitally develop a company and make it more efficient in many respects. There, in terms of invoices, quotes or sales, you will be able to develop them. In physical terms, this software from the Oxygen brand is a very valuable help and we’ll explain why.

Invoices, quotes, etc. These are steps that can be very time consuming and stressful. Moreover, it is clearly a necessary aspect for companies. By using a program like this, you will be able to save time since everything is done automatically to perfection. To get a quote, just enter the different products and the calculations will be done automatically, whether with taxes or not, etc. For invoices, they are completely identical, you enter a form once and then the information will be gradually modified for each order.

Then, this software includes many currencies and also implements certain features to help you on a daily basis in the commercial management of your business. Very quickly, you will be able to develop and free up time to devote yourself to other projects or simply to the economic development of your company. For example, one of the most complex aspects when talking about commercial management is credit bonds, discounts, etc. With this software it can also be managed by the hand of the master where you can enter the assets and the software will remind you frequently so that you never forget and above all stay legal.

CRM for Sales Funnel

Here is another very important piece of software that you must have: CRM. A little arc, if you decide to choose Oxygen as your business management software, you will also be entitled to a free CRM. This is an important point to know. CRM is a sales funnel management software. Obviously, this allows you to manage your expectations and customers. The advantage of CRM is the fact that it allows you to know where the customer is and why, and above all, it also allows you to know the behavior of the customer and thus know how to influence him to buy. A specialist in customer relations, this program will allow you to quickly and privately attract clients to convert them, which is generally not easy.

In general, CRMs are very expensive software, by choosing Oxygen to manage your business, you can make use of it for free. So it would be a shame to miss it. Currently, if you are launching a web and digital attack, CRM is a very basic software. Thanks to it, you will be able to manage your customer relationship on various communication channels: emails, messages on social networks, etc. Of course, CRM is a complex software to deal with, so we advise you to get help from professionals so that they can give you sound advice on using this essential digital tool.

Website: a necessity

To go further and conquer the web and digital in the broad sense, a website is essential. Nowadays, it is irreplaceable. A website is your showcase, but it can also be your favorite selling place. According to several studies, online purchases have increased by almost 300% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. In other words, the web has become the most attractive market for businesses. To participate, you need a website and digital marketing strategy.

First, you will need to create a website. For this, you will find hundreds of thousands of different professionals to help you. The best option is to contact a specialized agency that also aims to create your marketing strategy afterwards.

Once your site meets all your expectations, you can then move on to the necessary next step: developing your digital marketing strategy. To make yourself known, you will have to carry out a large number of specific marketing actions and actions. These actions are aimed at radically increasing your visibility on the web. Since the web, at the moment, is a real market, the best positions make it possible to reach heights and attract customers.

In conclusion of this article, it is important to say that the web is a very important lever for business development. Nowadays, it allows hundreds of businesses to see the light of day, but also to thrive and continue to reach new heights. So, if you want to get involved, don’t hesitate and start this amazing adventure that is web and digital, you won’t be disappointed.

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