The UK Intellectual Property Office proposes to change copyright law

The British government has made no secret of its intention to move away from the GDPR since leaving the European Union, hoping for more flexible regulations. While the EU only allows text and data mining for scientific research, which the author can monetize if they wish, the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has proposed a change to copyright law that would allow data mining to train business intelligence models artificial intelligence, without being accused of copyright infringement or having to pay to do so.

Since Brexit, the UK has, last September, developed a national strategy for artificial intelligence, followed by a consultation on artificial intelligence and intellectual property law. This consultation allowed him to publish various proposals for his data reform bill.

For the UK government, while an approach such as the GDPR may harmonize rules across many countries, it is not appropriate for the UK and may hinder innovation.

Representative John Whittingdale, Secretary of State for Information and Data, said at the Tech Monitor Digital Accountability Summit last June:

“We still agree with the principles underpinning the GDPR, but we believe there are opportunities to deliver this data protection standard in a way that is less burdensome and disruptive, which is why we have embarked on a reform program.”

In contrast to the EU approach, where there is one regulator responsible for AI law enforcement in each member state, the UK plans to assign responsibility to several of them. The matter of data mining has been entrusted to OPI.

UK copyright bill for AI data mining

data mining or mining data It is the process of analyzing huge amounts of data from different angles, the purpose of which is to extract data using artificial intelligence and machine learning, to convert it into actionable information. It is used by many companies: e-commerce, finance, advertising, marketing, human resources … but also by governments, among other things, in the field of health. Text mining aims to extract high-quality knowledge.

A copyright law change proposed by the UK Intellectual Property Office aims to allow data scientists to mine text and data to train business models for AI and machine learning Without fear of copyright infringement or having to pay extra fees.

During the consultation, the question was asked whether AI systems could be recognized as inventors in patent applications, as some wanted, but the underwriting did not want to change the criteria for obtaining patents from the UK.

According to the UK government, these proposed changes to mining rules “It will help make the UK a prime location for data mining and AI development”and will support it in its ambition to become a world leader in artificial intelligence innovation and research.

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