Focus on summer 2022 trends

With the development of the digital world, people’s lifestyles and habits have had to change. The same is true of marketing strategies that are constantly evolving in order to meet consumer expectations. Thus, 2021 was marked by many approaches to growth hacking* that were affected in part by the coronavirus pandemic. So it remains a major concern within the community: What will be the fate of the summer of 2022? Discover the growth trends in summer 2022.

TikTok will take over the world of social media

TikTok is the new social network that is making waves all over the world. To amplify your activities on networks and connect with a connected audience, TikTok is what you need. Today, this platform dominates the world of digital marketing. Its influence on other brands and social networks continues to grow.

In 2021, TikTok registered more than 1 billion active users. Now, brands are becoming aware of the many advantages of this platform. In short, this platform offers brand creators a stage to promote their products through short videos to attract as many people as possible.

Paradise Island, for example, the agency of natural beauty products in Monaco, She chose this platform to highlight her services. In fact, it has teamed up with five TikTok influencers to offer a product called “Drops”. Thus, all the videos that were broadcast included multiple links, which allowed Internet users to go to the Sephora website where they could arrange their orders with complete peace of mind. The results were more than impressive with the brand achieving a 500% ROI and 58% revenue growth.

One thing is for sure, TikTok has revolutionized the piracy growth. If you are looking to diversify your social media strategies, feel free to explore TikTok during the summer of 2022.

Social proof is a strategic tool that should be taken seriously

Social testing refers to the concept of social psychology that specifies that an individual always prefers to take the direction of the majority. This strategy piracy growth It has many advantages for business. In fact, it encourages potential customers to get involved in the business as it directly drives them to buy. Simply encouraging Internet users to like or share your content can have a huge impact on your business.

From this same perspective, it will be necessary to publish user testimonials on your website and on social media, whether they are comments, customer reviews or endorsements from influencers.
To promote your products in the summer of 2022, you will have the opportunity to use the services of bloggers. As opinion leaders, they will be able to constantly work on the development of your startup in France or Monaco.

Personalization and creativity will be at the heart of marketing strategies

During the summer of 2022, there will be no point in amplifying your message just to reach the largest audience. In fact, the health crisis has changed everything and growth hacking is gradually moving towards personalization. Thus, it will be necessary to customize your marketing campaigns. This procedure will not only bring you new customers, but also bring you significant income. According to a study conducted by TikTok, it mainly turns out that emotional content is the best option in order to create a direct and relevant connection with the audience.

The importance of mass marketing and brand sustainability

The target audience is constantly changing. Now, it has many consumers of diverse races. So your brand will need to highlight a number of elements in its marketing messages in order to establish a trusted association with customers. This can be done in different ways.

Demonstrate your sustainability efforts

In 2021, it was found that many brands mentioned CSR in their marketing messages such as Google, Johnson, or even Coca-Cola. During the summer of 2022, consumers are expecting more brands. Therefore, it will be necessary to implement sustainable development efforts in a spirit of creativity.

Aligning a diverse team with your target market

During the summer of 2022, your teams must be well-equipped to ensure that the gap between the brand and the customer is reduced. Hence, you need to introduce a diverse team to your target market.

Reorganize your campaigns

From now on, Internet users need campaigns that meet their needs. In other words, it must live up to consumer expectations. The Dove brand is a perfect example of this aspect. In fact, she chose to incorporate different races of women in her advertisements.

Your employees are the new faces of the company

In fact, experience has shown that many consumers no longer appreciate a brand when its employees are not sufficiently knowledgeable. As you can imagine, an employee’s mistake could be the reason why the lead didn’t convert. The one thing we must keep in mind is that your employees are the face of your organization. During the summer of 2022, you will have to put them at the center of your marketing strategy by offering them high-quality training so that they can better understand the characteristics of the products. Even better, let them post content related to your company’s culture and products. Finally, don’t forget to present it on your websites or media.

Get ready for the cookies to disappear

By 2023, cookies will be old news that can harm your business. So you have to look for a better alternative to piracy growth In order to improve the conversion rate.

Thinking about cluster algorithms

These tools automatically segment your customers according to their needs and requirements. Adopting such a strategy will make it easier to share your content.

Use slope modeling

This is used to analyze the behavior of an Internet user to determine whether they can buy or decline a product. This allows you to select the people who are most interested in your offer.

* Growth hacking aims to develop and deploy breakthrough technologies or processes with the aim of developing the growth of a company, using classic methods and still unknown revolutionary techniques, giving growth hacking scope for limitless intervention.

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