Become a player in corporate digital transformation with Emlyon

Current challenges of business digitization

The health crisis and successive restrictions have disrupted consumer uses in all sectors, from e-commerce to social networking, including gaming and the democratization of remote work. ” To create a competitive advantage and deliver value to consumers, companies must adapt to these new behaviors.confirms Julian Design, Director of the Specialized Master’s Program in Digital Transformation, Marketing and Strategy (TDMS) at emlyon.

The digital transformation of organizations (companies, start-ups, associations, public structures, etc.) Change all value creation processes This is on different levels:

  • strategy: To be presented to the target audience,
  • Marketing: For integrating process automation, creating leads and converting them into customers,
  • Administration : To lead this change among the teams that make up her organization,
  • Technology : To manage data and integrate emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence or blockchain.

If digital transformation affects all sectors of activity, it includes all divisions of the company. Thus, issues related to marketing and strategy are inseparable in order to counteract the major changes in the market, which have been accelerated thanks to digital technology. ” Digital transformation, marketing and strategy deep They are related to each other because at the heart of all these issues is the customer. You have to know his needs, his expectations, provide better added value than those of the competitors, and know how to draw his attention to the offer so that he becomes a buyer of the product or service. Digital by nature is episodic: Marketing, strategy, data, and agility must communicate together. This is the prerequisite for the successful digital transformation of your organization.. »

Training to acquire the digital skills that companies seek

Do you want to participate in this digitization process and become ” adapter » Companies by integrating current strategic issues with issues of tomorrow? To meet the needs of recruiters, who are facing a shortage of talent, it is necessary to acquire the methodology and knowledge of the fundamentals that will allow you to carry out the digital transformation of your company, in accordance with the set goals and its maturity. . ” Among the skills required are, for example, designing a company’s digital maturity diagnosis, developing a multi-channel communication strategy, building a data strategy, managing change within teams… », specifies the TDMS Specialist Master’s Director.

The training offered by Emlyon, which is aimed at all digital enthusiasts wanting to play this essential role, builds on the most in-demand jobs today: Digital Project Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Transformation Consultant, Customer Success Manager…Translated into Skills, by Course Customized upon request. ” Skill hybridization is crucial here. We have students with very diverse academic profiles (marketing, cognitive sciences, pharmacy, engineers, economists, law, etc.), which allows them to integrate all these high-level skills, which are rare in the job market but also create value for companies. »

Rapid increase in skills thanks to the Flipped Classroom method

Emlyon’s Master in Digital Transformation, Marketing and Strategy trains learners in 13 months, split between 6 months of courses to quickly build skills and become ” adapter », and 7 months of training in a company. In the programme: Numerous case studies, professional simulations and projects implemented in teams for ” Building intellectual flexibility, standardizing management practices, and implementing project delivery deadlines “.

Much appreciated by students, this formula is based on the Flipped Classroom method, which is incorporated into active pedagogy by projects and teams. ” It is based on confidence in students’ independence and responsibility in their journey as a learner. Concretely, they consult, at their own pace, the initial resources of the course on concepts, cases they illustrate, tools, etc. At the beginning of the course, the student is put into action very quickly to carry out a project that requires filling in the items held in the resources and the answers given to students’ questions throughout the course. There are different levels of flipped classes depending on the pedagogy of each course ‘,” explains Julian Dessin.

This pedagogical method allows learners to better immerse themselves in the concepts taught during the course, and group projects give them the opportunity to put them into practice quickly, so that they can later apply them during their professional experience. ” The companies hosting our interns find that they work very quickly on cross-cutting topics that often fascinate them. » The results are there: The employment rate of Emlyon’s TDMS Specialized Master is close to 100%, with salary levels sometimes as high as €50,000 per year, bonuses included.

Become a player in corporate digital transformation with Emlyon

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