Google Talks Algorithm Again!

Do you have a site sharing tests or opinions about products and services? This new update to Google’s algorithm will again affect search results in these queries. Dubbed the July Product Review Update, this computational update is the fourth of its kind.

First published in April 2021, the Product Reviews type update targets low-quality content in “Test + Product”, “Reviews + Products”, and “Best + Product” type queries that have no sole purpose of making money from Through affiliate links, without testing the offered products.

With this update, Google wants to focus more on sites that have done more comprehensive product testing and not content to aggregate and synthesize right-and-left-drawn content.

What are Google’s recommendations for not being affected by product review updates?

Among Google’s main recommendations not to be affected by one of these account updates, we find the following:

  • Provide your expertise (understand: use technical or rare terms that prove you have mastered the subject).
  • Explain how the featured product is used and presented perfectly with your own photos.
  • Provide quantitative metrics to evaluate product performance (eg: battery life test for a high-tech body, …).
  • Explain how this product differs from its competitors.
  • Offer products that are similar to competitors and suitable for other uses.
  • Show the strengths and weaknesses of the product.
  • Determine the performance of the tested product in all the decision factors associated with rating that product.
  • Describe details about the tested product and its impact on user experience.

July Product Review Update: How long will this update take to be fully rolled out?

Algorithm updates take an average of two weeks to roll out completely, across all search results.

After this update was announced on July 27, 2022, its deployment should be completed in mid-August 2022.

What are the markets involved?

At the moment, this update only affects the US market and English results, but French results may also be affected.


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