Tunisia: Evariste Miyambli received a master’s degree with honors

The Center for Vocational Assessment of Tunisia (CVPT), ​​one of the most prestigious training institutions in the Maghreb, received on Saturday 23 July 2022, Mr. Miyambli T. Evarist Edouard, in the framework of presenting his thesis on Dr. Study, with the aim of obtaining a diploma called Executive Management Business Administration (EMBA) with the option of Organizational Management.

The theme chosen by the Applicant Membley, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Membley Group, was “A Business Plan for Marketing a Real Estate Program: The Case of Membley Residences”.

In the presence of many personalities from the academic world and from CVPT training, in this case Ms. Sonia, Chair of the Jury, Professor of Project Management and Innovation; The director of his thesis is Dr. Rashid Bouzyn, Associate in Financial Accounting, Chartered Accountant. Dr.. Dhouda Al-Doujri is Professor of Marketing and Assistant Professor at the Higher School of Digital Economy in Tunis. CVPT Rector, Mr. Jean-Marie Kone; Mr. Sofian Hathout, Director of Studies and Programs at the Center; Mrs. Thurayat, Deputy Director of the Center. Mrs. Yasmina Karkoura and the university staff, Professor Mimbele defended his thesis according to a clear and consistent plan.

Starting with an introduction to locate the context of his message, auditor Miyambli successively stated:
In the first semester: the technical study of the project;
In the second chapter: the theoretical framework of the project;
In Chapter Three: Market Research;
In the fourth chapter: the commercial study of the project.
In chapter five: the financial study, before reaching a conclusion which also highlights the important perspectives of the detailed project, followed of course by the bibliography.

Politically best known in Côte d’Ivoire, he ran for two consecutive terms in the National Assembly from 2012 to 2020; The first president of the Guemon region (Duékoué-Bangolo-Kouible-Facobly) from 2013 to 2018 and a member of the Political Council of the Huépheus for Democracy and Peace (Rhdp), Méambly Evariste also has a good reputation in the business community in Côte d’Ivoire, in the sub-region as well as in the countries Western.

For nearly two (02) years, in the world of coaching, he set his sights on refining his knowledge and carried the torch of Côte d’Ivoire high.

Indeed, as part of preparation for the CVPT Executive MBA degree, he has organized, led and participated in conferences on several topics in Côte d’Ivoire, Tunisia and Libya to discuss his experience in business, sell the economic potential of Ivory Coast and make important contacts in the business community of the Maghreb .
Today, his training has been a huge success and his actions have been recognized and rewarded by CVPT, which awarded him a good mention after submitting his thesis at the end of study for EMBA in Experimental Organizations.

Head of MBA Promotion at CVPT, which has more than 70 African students (from Côte d’Ivoire, Senegalese, Tunisian, Moroccan, Burkina Faso, etc.), Mr. recommended; These two results were the first two positives reported by the jury headed by Ms. Sonia, Professor of Management.

In addition, today’s auditor has validated all nine (09) units of his training.

The presentation ceremony for the end-of-study thesis of Mr. Membli Evarist was held in a serious atmosphere, befitting of the greatest universities. She did not, however, lack emotion in the presence of a delegation from Abidjan, with more than a dozen people, including his wife and children, as well as a few friends who came to support the person who embodies the Ivorian model. The leader and self-made man was born from a perilous neighborhood called Abobo behind bars. Indeed, he was born into a family of six siblings and in unfavorable social conditions, and through his work, courage and determination Mr. Mimbley succeeded in business, becoming the hope and idol of an entire generation.

On this occasion, the distinguished graduate of Tunisia was keen to welcome everyone’s presence and thanked in particular:
– His wife and children for their unwavering love and support;
– Mr. Hamza Sharif has been a friend and brother for 48 years. Mr. Asseu Pierre Claver, CEO of the Meambly Group as well as his wife and three daughters who all traveled from Tunisia;
– In this momentum, did he not lose sight of his younger brother, Mr. Laurent Despas, CEO of koaci.com? It is affectionately called “Wobê blanc”.
After hard work, doctoral student Miyambli naturally intends to take a break and go sightseeing by visiting with his family the cities of Hammamet, Sousse and many other locations in Tunisia.

And as we know the man, he will not fail to combine business with pleasure and will use his residence in Tunisia to sign some agreements with financiers and / or bankers, in the context of housing and luxury homes. , the topic of his thesis at the end of the study before returning to Abidjan at the end of next week.

From the above, we must simply remember that “when the activity carried out reflects the level of training and talent, we should be proud of it”.
Hats off to Esteemed Membley.

Mimbly Communications Department

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