their own account. Self-employment expands to other industries

In recent years, most of the freelancers have been working in digital and marketing. Currently, freelance work attracts professionals from other sectors, such as construction and engineering.

In fact, more and more engineers are starting to freelance and offering their services to large companies as expert consultants.

In the face of the rise of this way of working, networking platforms specializing in construction and industrial trade have emerged, such as Yalink and Artelink, which act as intermediaries between independent engineers and corporate clients.

Focus on independent platforms specialized in the construction and engineering trade

Yalink, a startup based in Purdue, plays the role of intermediary between structural engineers, independent mechanical engineers, design offices and industrial companies.

In order to stand out from the competition and meet the needs of its users, this networking platform offers a customized service based on a matching algorithm.

Thanks to this tool, corporate clients can find profiles that match their expectations in less than 48 hours.

Yalink offers freelance engineers in these two sectors the opportunity to register and use its platform for free.

However, she makes sure to check all profiles with previous clients or employers. On the other hand, project promoters are subject to a 15% commission payment.

For its part, Artelink is a platform specialized in the construction trade (buildings, infrastructure and energy). It connects independent building engineers with the major European players in the sector.

Registration on this platform goes through several stages of verification, and most of the profiles have several years of experience (17 years on average) and have already worked abroad.

Focusing on the reliability of its services, Artelink targets the major construction players in France, but also the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa.

At the moment, 500 independent engineers are registered on this platform and provide their services to large companies such as Artelia, Total and Vinci.

Work at your own pace and earn higher salaries

The rise of self-employment in the construction and engineering sectors explains engineers’ desire for independence.

The latter really want to be self-employed and, at the same time, to get higher wages.

It should be noted that engineers working in the construction industry can opt to transfer remuneration in construction.

Through this status, they can maintain their independence, improve their income and benefit from the social protection provided by traditional work:

  • CDI or CDD employment contract;
  • Monthly salaries
  • unemployment insurance;
  • subscriber;
  • retirement and pensions;
  • per diem in case of sick leave;
  • RC pro insurance with a ten year warranty…

This type of employment is also suitable for those who want to test the feasibility of their professional projects.

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