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The Internet is a very important communication channel. Today, not having an online presence means not having it. A company that wants to ensure the well-being of its activity must have its presence on the web and strengthen its presence across its networks. Individuals and brands are also required to do so. From this existence their reputation is born: their electronic reputation. There are training courses specialized in developing electronic reputation through Social media marketing training offered by various training organizations.

What is electronic reputation?

An electronic reputation consists of online information about an individual or a brand. They are found on social networks, blogs, collaborative sites, discussion forums, or photo and video sharing platforms. This digital identity can guide opinion positively or negatively. Thus he could shape or destroy his reputation very quickly. The courses offered to you aim to understand how these biases work in order to exploit them effectively.

Being on social networks is no longer just a fad. It is necessary to identify the channels that customers use to talk about the company. Reviving the community of its customers with a logical and original presence can only bring positive results. By expanding its reach on social sites, the company will be able to connect with its target audience.

How does training help develop your online reputation?

Many companies still limit their online activities to just having a website. This makes them vulnerable to negative comments and malicious posts that appear at the top of Google results when potential customers search for their business.

The training is designed to allow you to discover and practice all social media: how it works, the rules of publishing (SMO) and advertising (SMA), the main associated tools and the latest developments. It consists of 10 hands-on workshops to introduce you to various social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Discord, Twitch) and good practices to help you get started.

The instructor and all students follow this training in the virtual classroom (zoom in/out or equivalent) in real time. It can be accessed at any time and allows direct communication with the coach, screen sharing, group workshops and live practice. At the end of this training, you will have:

• The ability to choose social media according to its objectives

• Mastery of the main functions of social media

• The ability to analyze the performance of social media

PDF support is sent by email to learners before or during training. The level of the learner during training is recorded using a questionnaire. Assessment, in the form of a test, during training, as well as at the final stages through self-positioning questionnaires, makes it possible to ensure the acquisition of skills.

The ability to create and live an online reputation is the skill that training wants to develop in those they trust. This online marketing training is the means by which you will get the skills in the field of online reputation.

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