When pure players invite themselves into the real world!

To achieve success and notoriety, many digital players I didn’t need to leave the web. However, sometimes these pure players Enter the real world. Although this approach is not new – already in 2012 a company that adopts UNMC had the idea of ​​setting up real dating workshops – we can still observe phenomenon acceleration a few years ago.

The term “pure player” originally became an exclusively online business, and is now a true nebula. Under this banner, many sub-genres such as online media, marketplaces, classic e-commerce sites, and DNVB (vertical digital original branding) are now intertwined. In a sense, we can even, according to certain criteria, consider social networks as pure players. Not every one of these categories goes from digital to real for the same reasons. Through social networks, marketplaces and DNVBs, let’s study Marketing objectives The research that drives these companies to move from the abstract to the physical.

Social networks, the need to evangelize practices

Since 2012, Google has been touring France every year on a city tour with a specific goal. Train as many people as possible in the field of digital technology, whether they are individuals, professionals, students or the elderly… Since then, the Mountain View giant has doubled these local initiatives (Nancy, Montpellier, Rennes and Saint-Étienne) in order to educate these different audiences on very specific digital topics such as e-commerce or online references. Last? In September 2021, Google partnered with startup accelerator Héméra with the goal of opening a permanent digital workshop in Bordeaux. During the opening of the venue, the General Manager of Google France, Sebastien Messoff, proudly announced that since 2014 in Nouvelle-Aquitaine Nearly 33,000 people have already taken these courses, including about 12,000 people working for VSE companies and SMEs and 8,000 job seekers. »

Raise adults’ awareness of data protection, teach kids to code, and train older kids in the basics of YouTube… Events It serves several purposes here. First of all, it captures a somewhat abstract entity to the audience by presenting playful learning moments. Then, Google also heralds its services so that people continue to use Gmail, Google Maps, etc. in large numbers, and for students and business people to have a desire to use Google Ads and Analytics. Here is the American giant affect the audience By demonstrating the relevance of its tools to a relationship other than through a screen or through an advertisement.

Image credit: TikTok

Same story on the side of TikTok that opened in the summer of 2021 pop up shop In London at Westfield Shopping Centre. baptized «TikTok For You House“, referring to the page” for you From the app, this place gave users the opportunity to meet influencers British platform stars such as Ehiz Ufuah, Chef Poppy O’Toole and Freestyle Footballer Jeremy Lynch. On the site during sessions, these TikTokeurs provided valuable advice to the audience in order to create videos that are likely to go viral. Another aspect, users can privatize certain rooms in the place decorated for the occasion in a new way. With this event, the Chinese giant is running its own algorithm by helping its users to create new challenges. TikTok publishes its platform icons by fostering the creativity of its most loyal ambassadors.

Markets looking for a brand experience

Throughout July 2018, leboncoin has been opened “Extraordinary Villa”a space dedicated toart It is located in the heart of Montmartre Hill in the imposing building of the Cité internationale des Arts. Halfway between the Stranger Things Locker and the art gallery, the public can wander through different rooms to admire the strange structures. With this event, the resale site actually embodies its DNA, that is, sublimation of everyday things to make them more useful and more beautiful. By giving them a second life through a multisensory journeyleboncoin illustrates its philosophy at IRL by offering the marketplace to take back and transform things. For a French site, this physical site is a good way to approach their customers with an unprecedented brand experience.

palm trees leboncoin event
Image credit: leboncoin

Another room, same atmosphere, this time on the Amazon side. The American giant proposed in December 2021, for the weekend, to reinterpret Video club concept From the 90s this place is located on the Place de la Madeleine in Paris Free Offers Movies and series, as well as exclusive shows planned for the beginning of 2022, such as Lady Di’s autobiography, Spencer. Of course, all streaming content comes from the Prime Video catalog. The purpose of the experiment here is clear, to gain new clients. In fact, in the streaming market, winning over non-subscribers has become the most important metric for VOSD platforms.

While the markets actually love to invest, they don’t always do so temporarily. Proof with Cdiscount which opens in Paris in 2018″ The new vault “, a custom shop For wine and spirits in Paris. A place where visitors scan a file QR Code In order to be accompanied by a commercial bartender who helps them choose the right bottle. As a leader in online wine sales, Cdiscount positions itself in real life as a sales and support consultant in order to increase its online purchases. This shop is always open, and is very popular among wine lovers, as evidenced by the many great reviews on Google.

DNVB, the shop to break the glass ceiling

The natural development of e-commerce sites Original digital traditional vertical brands are young companies that prefer online distribution exclusively in a segment of the market, generally a single product. Tediber for mattresses, TipToe for contemporary furniture or even Bergamotte for flowers. The great strength of these brands lies in positioningChoose a vertical product that is able to quickly reach a large customer base. By favoring an acquisition strategy based on social networking and influencer marketing, these young shoots generally enjoy rapid growth.

After reaching a certain stage of development, DNVBs face a glass ceiling that obliges them to Invest in retail to expand their customer base. This is the case of Monsieur Tshirt, which currently has four permanent stores in Bordeaux, Rennes, Montpellier and Toulouse. In 2020, baby accessories brand Joone is trying its hand at the pop-up store by creating a spot at the bottom of the Louvre pyramid. Other Legion examples include Merci Handy, Jimmy Fairly, and Jho, to name a few. For DNVB, the physical store has many advantages. Gain insight, expand your storytelling, get to know your customers better, and reassure them about the quality of products…

Whatever kind of pure player, shop experience, whether temporary or permanent, is a lever with protected intentions. However, owning a storefront is a very specific profession that requires specific skills. Inviting you into the real world, yes, but it is essential to do so with creativity in order to keep your digital brand aura fresh. An opinion shared by Servan Barry, Director of Undergraduate Studies at Sup de Pub. According to this marketing expert, whatever the channel of distribution, the link between the brand and the customer must be maintained above all else.

“For new players in the market, the pop-up has a proper vocation that will make the brand shine, and it is also an excellent way to activate all the levers of PR. For established pure players, the store quickly becomes an asset, an essential complement, making the brand tangible and offering a sensory experience. The web can’t provide it.But basically what’s important is the incarnation.From champagne fairs to Amazon Prime, via Bon Marché from Aristide Boucicaut or Leclerc’s first store in Landerneau, the customer wants to know what they’re buying, to be sure of quality, to get the right product at the best price.Game Supply and demand is constant, and even if today’s competition and level of information are in favor of the buyer, the fact remains that buying is always a game of temptation, no matter the channel as long as you have magic! It’s always a story we tell.”

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