Training or practical study in the digital field: how do you prepare for it?

Follow an internship or work-study program In digital careers, it is often the first experience for many students. Experience for which it is necessary to prepare with genuine interest in it. It can boost your resume, open doors for you, and in many cases, lead to a job contract.

Let’s take a look at the training on the one hand and the work-study program on the other hand, with the advantages it can give you for your career plan. Then we will see how to approach them and prepare for them to make the best impression.

At first you will have to do research and analysis Various job offers In the areas you target, especially via a site like The website is in the form of a search engine with 3 first levels of filters: required discipline, domain, and geolocation.

You can start with a targeted career and possibly the desired field; Communications, digital marketing, events, etc. You can then refine your searches with new filters, select training or work and study here, or see a student job or job. In addition, you can also specify the start date, duration and year if required.

iQuesta training or job search filters

So much for the main operation of the search engine for a job or internship, in outline.

Take commercial training

Business Internship It is a fairly long learning period, ranging from a few weeks to several months depending on conventions. It allows Apply the acquired knowledge to training Hence validation. It can be taken by young students, but also by people in retraining, who already have business experience.

Take commercial training

Training centers often offer this format in long digital courses. This is the case, for example, with training in community management and digital marketing in particular. These are courses that it is necessary to practice regularly to gain experience and above all keep up with developments.

Benefits of digital training

Training often begins after the theoretical part of the training, and offers many advantages to learners, including:

  • Immediately validate what you have learned while proving yourself,
  • immerse yourself in the world of business,
  • Get ready to work quickly,
  • Working on and following up on a project during the training period, primarily in training periods lasting several months,
  • Leads to a job depending on his level of involvement and the needs of the company,
  • receive financial compensation after a certain period,
  • To be a good trial period for the company,

Follow the work study program

Work-study is a contract between a student and a company that is able to apply what they have learned while learning at a school or training center. The alternatives can vary from structure to structure, either 15 school days and 15 company days or a week on either side, or even in the form of 2 school days and 3 company business days.

Follow the work study program

alternating period It is often longer than a training period. It can last from one to two years, including the school part. The interest lies mainly in the immediate practical application of the theoretical learning of the individual, but also in the better assimilation of the lessons.

Advantages of the digital work and study program

The rotation begins with the theoretical part that will be followed in school, and will largely offer the same advantages as training or more, among which are:

  • Put what you’ve learned into practice quickly,
  • balancing school and business, making it possible to better assimilate and assimilate the learning of the trade,
  • become ready to work immediately after rotation,
  • Work on projects that require more time to deploy, while being shorter on internships. Training. In addition, many projects can be started over long periods.
  • Employability is often more important in work-study than in training, due to its length but also the investment that allows for a better follow-up.
  • Better wages in general according to age and agreement.
  • It’s also a great trial period for the company that hosts the learner.

How do you prepare for training or practical study in the field of digital technology?

The first thing to do is Consider an internship or work-study as a job, and not as a simple passage intended to validate theoretical knowledge. You must put yourself in the shoes of the employee and give your best as if it were your position.

How do you prepare for training or practical study in the field of digital technology?

In this way, you will be judged at fair value and thus will put all opportunities on your side for potential employment. Several pointers will allow you to make a good impression and immerse yourself in your role. Let’s see the points that it will be necessary to emphasize.

Prepare your CV and cover letter

First of all, you will need to prepare a file job interview And you succeed, because even if it is an internship or a work study, it is still an employment for the company that will host you. as such, Prepare your CV and cover letter Make sure they are well presented and meet the basic requirements. Get help, but logically, your school should offer a module on this topic.

Find the host company

Show that you know the company that will check your internship or work-study program. Whether it is about its history, products/services or company culture. You will have to know them exactly and sometimes even the numbers. Do a search online advance.

This information will be entered during the interview, but it should also resonate with you, especially if the company is a professional model in your eyes.

Company digital presence analysis

As part of a position in digital, it’s goodAnalysis of the company’s presence on the Internet. Look at their website and analyze their strengths and weaknesses and mention them only if asked, or as part of a small audit that shows your analytical skills and curiosity. Emphasize strengths and reduce weaknesses by using the term recommendations rather than weaknesses. Do the same with social networks by analyzing posts and recorded interactions.

Try to understand the strategic logic of the company and put yourself in your future role. What will you do to improve the company’s communications and/or digital marketing actions? Immerse yourself in the best circumstances of your future role and present yourself as if you were there. The recruiter will appreciate it if you play with him.

Introduce yourself to various services

If you are selected for the offer you applied for, take the lead and see your line manager for the service rounds. The goal is to introduce yourself to all the people representing the different major divisions of the company.

Depending on the number of employees, seek support to introduce yourself to all employees in one intervention. So you won’t be neglecting anyone and they will get to know you more quickly, which is more beneficial than getting to know each other at a turn in a lane.

Take your role seriously

Whether you are promised a job at the end of your internship or a work-study program, always give your best. Don’t lose motivation if you are told the company is not hiring! Sometimes we see the opposite happen and it can also be a test to gauge your investment level.

Take your role seriously

If you are interested in the position, show that you want it, without taking the place of another, of course! As much as possible, also do what you love and don’t hold back in your mission.

Be independent and curious quickly

Become independent quickly, because it is a guarantee of engagement with a company, and most importantly if the work is done well. The more independent you are, the more confident you are in the task(s) entrusted to you. But also be curious about your boss, without being overly demanding and staying educated.

Avoid giving lessons or showing that you know better than others! On the contrary, be humble by taking on the same role as an employee while remaining in a learning mode. You will have a lot to learn from your colleagues and your boss.


Here are some tips to better understand the training or work-study program, and consider it a real starting point for your career.

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