Three ways WEB3 is disrupting traditional marketing

What is WEB3? It is simply the future! The next stage of the Internet with new technologies and new ways of interacting between people. This is our new digital world where transparency is ubiquitous thanks to decentralized networks. Damien Lefebvre, Executive Vice President of America, Innovation, at Valtech and speaker at the Infopresse Tendances digital marketing event on June 15, tells us about it.

Whether you’re ready or not, your audience is already interacting with WEB3 in a completely different way…and exciting. These new forms of communication are shaking the foundations of traditional marketing. It’s no longer about treating people as targets, it’s about creating a bond of trust and transparency with them.

Damien Lefevre
America, Executive Vice President, Innovation, VALTECH

How do I do ? First of all, we must at least understand these changes in order to be inspired by them and act according to our needs. Here are three innovations from WEB3 that should be a part of your plans.

1. Tokenomics: a new economy at the service of marketing

What is it ? Token Economy aims to create an economic ecosystem powered by tokens. The value of your tokens depends on your WEB3 project. A bad project will lead to the depreciation of your tokens and the termination of your project. On the other hand, a good, directed and well-coordinated project will increase the value of your tokens. In this regard, one can refer to Initial coin offering from 2010.


What does this mean for your team: By distributing tokens, WEB3 project marketing teams will be able To attractAnd the keeps And the to hold on to it their audience. The “Play to Earn” in which users can earn tokens while performing digital activities, is a good example of this! When the Sandbox opens its doors, users can, through a journey and activities, earn Sand Tokens distributed by the platform. Each token has a unit value (SAND) and can be exchanged for Ethers.

2. Wallet (Pocket wallet): No less important than my bank request

What is this? Wallets are programs that allow anyone to interact with the blockchain (blockchain), a technology that allows information to be stored and transmitted securely and transparently without the intervention of a central authority. So it is neutral. Wallets contain a key to identify the owner of the token. Brands that want to offer tokens (icons) their audience has the task of educating the latter and integrating files governor in their ecosystem.

Understand your wallet

What does this mean for your team: For WEB3 marketing teams, the goal is to be in their audience portfolios. By creating NFTs that users keep, brands can position themselves in their wallet through connections that will take place in Discord, Twitter, or even email to a Blocto wallet. It’s a bit like having a loyalty card linked directly to your bank account.

3. Avatar: A New Way of Being

What is this? a symbol picture It is the digital representation of the Internet user. Not to be confused with “skin ” World Health Organization It is an extension and allows modification of the graphic presentation of an avatar.

With the arrival of the Facebook metaverse, we can pretty well imagine that we’ll all have an avatar by 2024. I’m even betting we’ll all be paying a monthly subscription that gives us access to tons of virtual items and clothes to personalize our avatars (one for the office, one for family and one for circumstances). other). With the online solution for player ready for meCurrently, you can create your own avatar which will work in 3 different metaverses including

ready player

What does this mean for your team: For WEB3 marketing teams, it is essential to communicate with your avatar. Adidas actually got its start when the company announced that it would use the Ready Player Me platform to allow holders of Adidas NFTs, first, to create their own avatar. One can imagine many other partnerships.

Need advice? Companies must understand the dynamics of WEB3 either to draw inspiration from it or to create a new communication channel with a new audience.

It is therefore important to learn about WEB3 to understand the new marketing codes, but also to consider taking on the role of WEB3.

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