Share NFTs easily using a QR code

One thing that is absolutely true of NFTs is, “If you have them, splurge on them.”

After spending millions, seeing a few bucks on NFT art, and building an NFT collection, it’s only natural that you’ll want to put it on display where everyone can see it. In fact, there are many clever and creative ways to display your NFTs outside of virtual worlds. In contrast to traditional physical art such as paintings and sculptures, which can be simply framed and preserved, the display of NFT art is more delicate. It must show its originality, preserve the various determinants and give the true feel of digital art (whether it be video, audio or other types of artwork) while being put on stage. If you want to make it more durable, you can choose aluminum plates. SolidNFT is one such platform that provides the solution. Through a process called sublimation, the NFT is printed on the chip with an authentication panel on the back, which contains complete transaction and ownership details.

OnCyber, an online art space, allows users to showcase their crypto art and create their own shows. For this, users need to connect their blockchain wallets. Other similar platforms include names like Showtime, which is the “Instagram” for NFTs and Lazy. Premium and verified Twitter accounts have the privilege to upload NFTs as profile pictures and Meta will soon offer a feature to display and sell NFTs on Instagram as well.

But, you may also want to share it with your audience. To do this you will have to head to your digital wallet like Metamask and retrieve the sharable link to your NFT, which is still tedious to this day as you have to go to Etherscan which stores all your transactions to copy them into metamask! The art of cryptography can be easily introduced into the digital universe and also displayed in the metaverse, moreover, some have used a QR code!

Thus, the QR code has a card to play to point and display towards the NFTs! The history of QR codes has been going on for 26 years. But by the way, since when can we use it? And why do you do? Why did the premium ecosystem never start? What about today ? Why is QR codes widely used in Asia? To hear the answers, simply listen to the 135g podcast on the QR code.

Some genius developers have created a procedure for selling NFT on Solana using QR code and we should see great initiatives on different platforms in the coming months…

Use cases

  • Platforms like openea only share their link to NFTs, and QR code will become a must-have tool! In September 2021, WGA Singapore launched its first September issue titled: New Beginnings. They put a QR code on their printed magazines. With one scan, people were redirected to only two digital covers available as NFTs.
  • Another example, manufacturer Lamborghini announced the launch of a Space-Time Memory project in January 2022 which consists of two different components: a physical artwork and a digital piece. The physique comes in the form of a Lamborghini space key. The keys have a QR code on the back. Once digitized, the end user can access a dual digital artwork as an NFT.
  • Burger King has also entered the world of NFT with QR codes. In September 2021, they launched an NFT campaign called “Keep It Real Meals”. Here, QR codes have been attached to nearly 6 million lunch boxes. When customers scan it, they unlock a digital set. Customers can collect them to unlock additional NFTs.
  • Automaker KIA America is launching NFTs as part of the marketing campaign for the all-new KIA Soul 2023. The 30-second spot showcases NFTs as talent and includes a unique QR code built into the design. Viewers watching the ad only need to scan the QR code with their smartphone to get one of the NFTs.

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