Here are the 10 Marketing Managers to know in 2022

Marketing managers have never had such an important role in the company. Increasingly close to CEOs, collective management organizations Leading all marketing teams and defining the overall line to follow for the brand make his picture Determine the feeling that will occur when you hear, see, or hear the name of a business in a store, on the Internet, or in a conversation.

they did not have Such a hard job Compared to 2022 with a fierce image war and a very rapid development of platforms, the use of technologies and the number of competitors that have run on the web and with massive means to get an image. CMOs can make a brand successful, as well as unsuccessful.

Not for nothing rotation Also important in this position … but also that many of today’s marketing managers are world famous. Business Insider media’s annual pick for 2022 has been released and highlights several of the year’s most important recruits. Here are some of the most influential CMOs to watch in 2022, complete with a brief introduction to each. Note that the list is arranged in alphabetical order.

Harris Pepper, Wizz

After a stint at Vimeo contributing to the success of the IPO, Harris Beber joined Waze in April. So its very recent arrival on the navigation app. But Waze is owned by Google, and its immediate global use of Harris Pepper earned him a big role. In his most recent work, he has expanded the use of Waze through partnerships, such as most recently with the Tour de France.

By Jonathan Bottomley and Calvin Klein

The American fashion house, which now belongs to the PVH group, was official with Jonathan Bottomley. In his duties, he will have to contribute to maintaining sales targets high by 46% by 2025, reaching $5.4 billion in sales volume. The guy joined the CMO position in 2022 and sales have already increased by 27%. Its striking strength: collaborations and a stronger presence in digital campaigns and programmes.

Roisin Branch, Bled

Roisin Branch is passionate about marketing and over the past month has presented itself with a very big challenge. Blade, a private aircraft and helicopter carrier located in several cities in the United States, recently went public to prepare for its future. In fact, the company intends to become a major player in the field of flying taxis. These electric aircraft are definitely the future of mobility.

Nick Chavez, Kentucky Fried Chicken, United States

A big transfer in the CMO transfer window, Nick Chavez left Nintendo after ten years of his career to go to KFC in the United States. For you to trust him to grow, the fast food chain has been exposed to the important role of humans in the success of the Nintendo Switch.

Frank Cooper III, Visa

Paying and receiving money has changed dramatically thanks to technology. Card issuers and payment networks such as Visa and Mastercard wanted to maintain their leadership against new players such as PayPal and Square. At Visa, a new Director of Marketing arrived in May. His career is already filled with contracts with BlackRock, BuzzFeed and PepsiCo.

Stephanie Danzi, Tinder

Here is another size passed by Pepsi. Stephanie Danzi, after 7 years of working with the soft drink brand, joined dating app Tinder in March 2021. Three months ago, she was appointed head of marketing. Her role was even more significant as women arrived on Tinder when deliveries were in full swing and it was necessary to continue innovating to keep users on the app despite health measures and social distancing.

Tariq Hassan, McDonald’s USA

The person that Petco owes so much to going public in 2021 arrived at McDonald’s in the US last September. With him, a digital strategy accelerated the pace. Tarek Hassan and his teams have carried out various work on personal experiences on the McDonald’s mobile application in particular. We owe him to him organizing Kid Cody’s digital party and even “McDonald’s Camps” this summer.

Karina Kogan, Aura Health

Karina Kogan is a marketing professional who decided to turn to connected health services to create a solid strategy with Finnish brand Aura Health. One of its main products: a nugget ring, put together by the Marketing Director in collaboration with Gucci in particular, to make it the new trendy accessory for the stars.

Marianne Lee

Todom! This pick of the best directors and marketing directors Netflix can’t forget. Six months after dedicating her to the North American branch of Netflix, Marianne Lee became Netflix’s chief marketing officer to continue making the platform a leader in its market. Competition is tough in 2022 and Netflix is ​​losing subscribers. So his work is very important and difficult at the same time.

Robin Zucker, Codecademy

The Internet would be nothing without code and many programmers would be nothing without getting started at Codecademy. The popular platform to learn the basics of computer programming languages ​​for free has a new Marketing Director named Robin Zucker. She is the first to take on this role in the company, which was born in 2011 and started its activity in November 2021. One of its main tasks: to persuade the general public to learn about computer code to “control their career”.

The most influential CMOs on Twitter in France

Let’s end this article by mentioning some of the most influential Twitter accounts among French CMOs. In January 2020, Brandwatch suggested categorizing accounts according to their number of subscribers and degree of influence. Among them was Olivier Laborde, with his 11,375 Twitter followers, who had worked at Natixis Assurances for 21 years. Next comes Eric Joubert from Reinsurance, Béatrice Judel from Gecina and Natacha Holtzhausser from Disruptive Minds.

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