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Gomet ‘published in June 2022, a special issue dedicated to recruitment and training “Reverse Recruitment”We highlight training methods that are changing to adapt to new trends in the local labor market. extract.

Located in the heart of Marseille, 200 meters from the Juliette station, Rocket School brings its unique training approach to the region to train high-tech salespeople who master the best start-up techniques.

Founded in 2018 and already certified to the Grande École du Numérique, Rocket School trains people of all ages in digital careers. With more than 2,000 partner companies nationally, including 200 in the region, Rocket School also benefits from Pôle Emploi’s support for sourcing professional retraining profiles. With its unique approach to Montessori pedagogy-inspired training, Rocket School has enabled more than 1,600 candidates to secure employment over the past three years.

Having opened its doors in Marseille in December 2020 near the Juliette station, the Rocket School has established itself at the heart of the startup ecosystem in Marseille to become a major player in the development of digital technology in the region. With its fourth upgrade in 2021, the institution has trained 107 students, with a return-to-employment rate on permanent contracts of 94%. Learners from Marseille have integrated as many start-ups as Deliveroo, Hellocare and Oodrive as more established companies such as Wooxo or Eurosud Groupe Swaton.

Trade 3.0

“Hiring a salesperson is an ordeal because you don’t learn to sell in business school” Says Cyril Pierre de Geere, co-founder of the school and also HEC affiliated professor. Digital has changed the game in sales and made the job more interesting. At Rocket School, you learn how to sell like startups in Silicon Valley, those companies that strive for double or even triple digit growth rates every year. For Alexandre Lebegue, Director of Rocket School Marseille, this is a real opportunity for the regional ecosystem: “ By integrating digital into an approach Commercial prospecting saves an incredible amount of time and can double its efficiency. And it’s not just for startups, all those who are curious and resilient can take advantage of this opportunity. »

A customized approach to companies with a human focus

Unlike the majority of higher education institutions, Rocket School follows a recruitment process based solely on personality tests with no diplomas requirement. Based on characteristics such as outreach and perseverance, his approach identifies the people most likely to thrive in the business profession, thus ensuring a good match between profile and profession and good knowledge of the business sector. . According to Alexandre Lebegue, co-founder and director of Rocket School: “In Marseille, students come from all over the region, such as Nice, Avignon and Arles. Rocket School is also unique in two other aspects: the school caters to people of all ages, and creates mixed classes of students aged 20-51.”

Having identified profiles with an appetite for a commercial career, Rocket School trains them extensively for three months, at no cost to the company, with this promise: that they will be ready to work on their first day in the company. After this period, students can search for and make appointments by making full use of digital tools. Once trained in the basics of sales, they join a 4 out of 5 business study company where they apply what they have learned. In addition to the technical aspects, work-study training aims to provide students with the rest of the skills of a good salesperson: product presentation, mapping of company actors, negotiation, closing, and customer follow-up.

Competent features, from all walks of life

With more than 200 partner companies and plans to double their number in the region, Rocket School Marseille graduates are also finding jobs outside of the technology sector. Students find themselves in the transportation, health and marketing sectors, or in other actors seeking to implement innovative approaches. Thus the alumni of the Rocket School work in close cooperation with famous top players such as DoinSport and Olympique de Marseille as well as the Kedge Nursery with Kedge Business School and Accelerator M and the Village by the CA of Sophia Antipolis. According to Alexander Liebig, “The vast majority of students have proven their skills in the regional market. 70% of students were employed by their educational institutions, 25% were expelled by competitors and 5% launched their entrepreneurial project to move the economic landscape in the region.”

future projects

In full growth, Rocket School is expanding its offering to continue to ensure excellence in training in the region. The school seeks to train and re-employ 200 salespeople by the end of 2022. A new Growth Hackers program has also been launched to train marketing experts dedicated to growth in the PACA region. The next academic year is scheduled to begin on October 31, 2022.

To recruit salespeople and growth hackers:
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