WALEX: WALEX Enters PAM Leaders in 2022 at Gartner (R) Magic Quadrant (TM) – 07/25/2022 at 08:00

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    And Alex

    The Magic Quadrant™ is dazzling. Within 3 years, WALLIX went from the category “Niche player” to “Challenger” and then, today, “Leader”. WALLIX is the only European publisher of Magic Quadrant™.

  • Gartner® recognizes the rich functionality and innovation capability to offer WALLIX PAM4ALL (PAM for All), a complete premium access management solution that is among the most competitive on the market.

  • Gartner® Rewards The Ability

    And Alex

    To develop the functionality of WALLIX PAM4ALL specifically for industrial environments, which very few players are able to offer in the market.

Paris, 25 July 2022

And Alex

Euronext ALLIX, a European publisher of cybersecurity software and expert in securing access and identity

Take a real leap forward and become the ‘pioneer’ of PAM (Private Access Management) in the Magic Quadrant

Manufactured by Gartner®, which sets market references. It is important to stress that WALLIX is the only European publisher of the Magic Quadrant™. WALLIX delivers in a dazzling Magic Quadrant™. Within 3 years, WALLIX went from the category “Niche player” to “Challenger” and then, today, “Leader”. According to WALLIX, this is an assurance of recognition of the importance and effectiveness of the “MAP for All” strategy, with the ability to innovate in proportion to the ambitions of this strategy.

Gartner® provides objective and actionable insights to leaders and their teams. Each year, Gartner® conducts in-depth research and rewards IT companies in their own field, here PAM (Private Access Management). This benchmarking shot, called Magic Quadrant™, classifies companies into 4 categories: ‘Professional Players’, ‘Dreamers’, ‘Challengers’ and ‘Leaders’.

“WFP for all”, a successful strategy

To respond to new digital challenges (the popularization of remote work and massive adoption of cloud services, smart city development, automation in industry and financial services, connected things, etc.), WALLIX has developed a vision, “PAM for all,” allowing to offer its customers the promise of a secure digital transformation for all. . Gartner® appreciates WALLIX’s desire to position PAM as an answer to the cybersecurity needs of all organizations, regardless of size, around the world. For WALLIX, “Securing All-Digital Access” is now a vital issue.

In order to make this vision a reality, WALLIX now offers WALLIX PAM4ALL, a unified solution that combines all WALLIX technologies, going beyond securing premium accounts and securing, according to the principle of least privilege, all risks of enterprise users and workstations. Gartner® recognizes that the WALLIX PAM4ALL is a mature, feature-rich offering with extensive user session management capabilities.

Thus, WALLIX PAM4ALL targets all sectors of activity. However, due to the importance of the industry, WALLIX decided to devote part of its development and innovation efforts to the industrial sector. Gartner® rewards WALLIX’s ability to develop WALLIX PAM4ALL functionality specifically for industrial environments, which very few players in the market can offer.

Gartner® also highlights WALLIX’s very competitive pricing, on average, compared to other players in the market.

Finally, WALLIX earned the badge

customer first

Issued by Gartner® that confirms that WALLIX has a customer-centric approach. In fact, this badge confirms that WALLIX takes into account all of its customers’ opinions – both positive and negative – in the desire for continuous improvement, in order to offer a cutting edge solution in terms of access security and digital identities. .

Gartner® also provides software solution users with a free assessment and rating platform: Gartner Peer Insight –

Customer’s voice

. These reviews are strictly moderated and validated to ensure credibility and provide an unbiased review to decision makers. In this context, WALLIX was awarded the “Strong Performance” and “Customer Choice” features in 2022, which attest to customer satisfaction.

The solution is easy to use. The publisher has provided ongoing support for its configuration. Our service providers can also easily access our Linux machines. High quality support. And soon he finds solutions, including special cases.”

Technical Director of the Media and Publishing Sector

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We are proud to be named a Leader in the Gartner® PAM Magic Quadrant™. It is the work of all WALLIX employees that is rewarded, in recognition of our commitment to our customers with our desire to continually improve the functional coverage of our solutions. We continue to excel by entering the category of leaders in 3 years thus confirming our position as a major international player in this sector. As part of our Unicorn25 strategic plan, we are committed to enhancing our product strategy by building on the rapid transformation of our R&D organization, to effectively respond to our clients’ challenges with one of the most competitive solutions on the market. We now have a significant market share, high credibility, and marketing and sales capabilities to drive adoption of our solutions.


Edwig Broussard, Director of Product and Marketing at WALLIX


Download the full report

: https://www.wallix.com/fr//gartner-2022-magic-quadrant-pam

About Alex

WALLIX is a publisher of cybersecurity software, a European specialist in securing digital access and identities. WALLIX PAM4ALL, the unified franchise management solution, empowers businesses to meet today’s data protection challenges. It ensures detection of cyber attacks and resiliency, thus enabling business continuity. It also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements related to access to critical information technology and data infrastructures. WALLIX PAM4ALL is distributed through a network of more than 300 resellers and integrators around the world. Listed on Euronext (ALLIX), WALLIX supports more than 1,900 organizations in securing their digital transformation. WALLIX is a founding member of the HEXATRUST group and is listed in Futur40, the first stock market growth company rating published by Forbes France, and is part of the Tech 40 Index.

WALLIX affirms its digital responsibility and pledges to contribute to building a European digital trust space, ensuring data security and confidentiality for organizations and also for any individual interested in protecting their digital identity and respecting their private life. Digital technology, whether for professional or personal use, must be ethical and responsible in order to experience a societal digital transformation that is safe and respectful of individual liberties.



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