“The Great Illusion”, “The Machine of Frustration” .. Activate the city centers of Cher, but by what means?

The Joint Monitoring Mission (MCC) on the revitalization of city centers and city centers, headed by Senator Cher Remy Pointero (Les Républicains), first deputy head of the delegation to local authorities, has just submitted its report.

“Post-Voting Service”

A task Senator Remy Pointero wanted to do as a “post-vote service”. In fact, four years after the adoption of the Housing, Development and Digital Act (ILAN) Evolution, in the spring of 2022 the mission conducted two national consultations with local elected officials and program project managers. City Center Actions (ACV) and Future Small Towns (PVD).

The national consultations from which the senator draws several lessons. First of all, “The measures of the Ilan Law are considered relevant and effective by local actors and in particular the Territory Revitalization Operations (ORT)”. And if the two programs, ACV and PVD, are “appreciated for the partnership dynamism they create and the engineering support they provide,” they are also the subject of heavy criticism from the financial side. Many elected officials denounce the Heart of the City program as a grand illusion, a frustration machine, and even a pure marketing product. »

state grants

Rémy Pointereau notes that “it is surprising that the municipalities of Actions Coeur de Ville did not have priority in receiving government grants” and that “the total share of benefits they receive from these grants has not increased and even decreased between 2018 and 2021”.

excellent Global Regional Agreement (CTG): a plan for Coeur de France . families

Another criticized him by the senator, “Perhaps the elected officials thought that the programs gave them access to envelopes earmarked, respectively, 5 billion and 3 billion euros, in subsidies for municipal projects.” However, for the senator, “the majority of the aid (from the state and its partners) is actually loans, capital investments, and aid to private donors.” That is why the parliamentarian estimates that “the state’s allocation under the Coeur de Ville represents only 600 million euros out of 5 billion of the program envelope. »

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