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by Student FabPosted on April 26, 2021

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Some professions do not suffer from the crisis. The Communications Officer/Digital Marketing is one of them. Course ? Bringing the company closer to its customers. An essential task, especially in the Covid period! And what better than a communication officer at a communications school to tell us more about his profession? Meets.

From ISCOM chairs to… ISCOM desks, this is the surprising journey of Nicola Gordo, 25, who is responsible for digital communications/marketing at the Higher Institute of Communications and Advertising. A nice story, however, is nothing out of the ordinary as the institution likes to entrust its graduates with strategic tasks. Among them, Acquisition of New Students, Pre-Box Communications/Digital Marketing Manager.

Nicola, what was your background before studying at ISCOM?

I first got my baccalaureate S, but after high school, I didn’t want to continue in that direction. I love the tangible, but the scientific studies are very abstract, at least at first. In the end, the profession of a science journalist could have pleased me … After the baccalaureate, I decided to enter into a literary preparation of Hippocaine.

Ah yes, 360 degree rotation!

[Rires] I wanted to give myself a few years to research myself and see what I liked. I love reading, I’m passionate about history, so I said to myself “why not”. It has been an intense year, beneficial to my general culture and my English. But I didn’t get into my undergraduate, so I dropped out of my sophomore year at the Faculty of History. I liked it a lot, and got good results, but I didn’t find it concrete enough and didn’t find myself becoming a teacher. This is where I joined ISCOM, in my third year, majoring in Creative and Digital Communication. I needed training that would allow me to pursue a specific profession, in contact with people. Communication is a good way to highlight the work of others.

Why digital marketing in particular?

I was obsessed [rires] ! When I was 12 years old, I had already made a website code lyco With a friend…

… Lyoko code?

It’s a cartoon, we managed to become the third site referenced in this thread. We have been invited to various events by the creator of this series. In short, digital, I’ve always found it easy and logical, then the future.

How was your course at ISCOM?

I made a lot of friends there, felt good there and didn’t hesitate to stay there long after class. The speakers and lessons are of high quality, we work a lot on project placement, and we are well supported in finding internships, work and study programmes.

I completed my third year internship at Catawiki, a Dutch online auction company, as an Assistant Social Media Manager. I loved the experience, I set up a network abroad, but I didn’t like the social networking part too much, it’s so toxic! In my fourth training year, I joined the European branch of SoftBank Robotics, a Japanese company. Innovative technologies and robotics speak to me! I was a communications assistant there. I was able to fully touch communication, do PR, and events, before majoring in digital during my fifth year study and work programme.

Tell us about this rotation specifically.

I stayed at SoftBank Robotics, but as a digital communications assistant. I worked on client acquisition, a task I wanted to specialize in. This included creating a new corporate website, natural references, Adwords, and managing social networks and email. There was also after Reports Statistics with analysis of key performance indicators and return on investment.

And after studying your work, return to ISCOM, but this time, with a permanent contract…

no not now. A former ISCOM speaker, Digital Director of the Paris Association, an events company, was looking for a newbie he knew to help bring B to B clients to his site. This is where I got my first CDI. There was everything to do, it was very formative. I have set up KPIs and all KPI tools.

That’s when I saw that ISCOM was looking for a Digital Communications/Marketing Manager. I applied and immediately worked with Magali Guiramand, Director of Communications and Business Development. The school values ​​graduate recruitment, and there are a lot of us in this situation. It is a positive, it means that ISCOM has a good image with its students.

What does your job as a Communications/Digital Marketing Manager mean?

My position is at the crossroads of management professions that bring in new ventures, communication professions that deliver rigorous messages to impart, business careers that tell us if the demands we generate are qualified and creative professions, advancing campaigns.

I deal with issues of acquiring future students. I ensure that the school website is kept clean and updated so that information is easily accessible. So it is necessary to know how to speak the language of the developers. It is also necessary to master the external tools of Google, Adwords, email and social networks. Besides, I work closely with the Community Manager. I also collaborate a lot with the Chief Editorial Content, especially in the context of communication/Brand content on different media, such as requester, For example!

There is a real project manager hat. You need to know how to launch a project, define it, decide who does what and how, plan a schedule, and ensure Reports Analysis of the results. In the latter case, we look at what worked, what didn’t, and why. There is never any judgment. The idea is to improve in order to do a better job afterwards.

What are your job opportunities?

They are multiple. A digital communications/marketing officer can become a traffic manager, if he wants to stay in the acquisition process, or even a data analyst, social media manager, web content editor, digital project manager and finally a digital manager.

Do you have any tips for students who want to work in communication?

Always remain open and interested in others. This is the essence of communication.

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