The new university model is on the right track

The new university model revolves around three main themes: Academic Excellence, Scientific Research, Digital Governance, and Fostering Innovation.

In a health and economic context in crisis, which training to choose? What professions are employed in the labor market? Is it better to attend public or private higher education? These are all questions recent graduates ask themselves when the current situation makes it difficult to envision themselves in the future. However, the choice of direction after the bac should not be made at the last minute. On the contrary, it is a decision that must be prepared throughout the high school years.
Today, the spread of higher education in Morocco has put severe pressures on public universities, whose capabilities in terms of quality and quantity do not match social demand.

For several years, poor disciplinary achievements and the absence of an effective guidance system were noted. New baccalaureate holders are often forced to choose by default to enroll in open access university courses when they are not accepted into competitive entrance examinations for organized access institutions. To deal with the many obstacles facing the sector, the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation conducted extensive regional consultations before launching the National Plan to Accelerate the Transformation of the Ecosystem for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation (ESRI Pact 2030). It must also be recognized that the accelerating changes in the national and international context require more than ever an in-depth and renewed reform of the ecosystem of higher education, scientific research and innovation. Thus, the new university model revolves around three main axes, namely academic excellence and research, digital governance, and innovation promotion.

As pointed out by Minister Abdellatif Mirawi, “the current and future challenges, due to the structural changes that the world in general and the country in particular are going through, require the mobilization of qualified human capital, and its strengthening through the development of scientific research and innovation.” Thus, this plan is based on a profound transformation of the higher education system with a modern university and completely renewed educational content. To achieve this, the ministry entered into a partnership with the concerned authorities through a series of consultations that were held in different regions of the Kingdom.

This plan derives its essence from the priority options for the new development model and aims to translate the priorities of the government program in terms of human capital development and the integration of Morocco into the knowledge society into concrete actions. Thus, the new reform aims to inculcate digital culture among the youth. Training certificate will be required of students for graduation. Office programs, coding, digital marketing and cyber security… Students will need knowledge in these areas to earn their undergraduate degrees.
The new reform is a future-oriented university with flexible teaching where new technologies will feature prominently. Thus, this new university model will make it possible to address the problem of mismatch between training and the labor market and to deal with high youth unemployment.

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