Huawei launches versatile cloud solutions to help carriers achieve powerful new growth

ShenzhenChinaAnd the July 22 2022 /PRNewswire/ – This week, Huawei hosted the Cloud Operator Transformation Summit, which was the culmination of its win-win innovation week – Huawei Innovation Week. When Conference titled Huawei Cloud: Enabling New Growth for Carriers (Generating New Growth for Telecom Companies), Huawei’s Director of Solution Marketing and Sales, Carrier IT, Chen Xuejun, announced the world’s first batch of Huawei scenario-based cloud solutions for telecom operators. Focusing on network monetization, service innovation, and process optimization, these solutions aim to help operators embrace cloud transformation and accelerate growth.

Advances in 5G networks, cloud computing, big data, and edge computing have made cloud transformation the future of telecom operators. According to Gartner, operators worldwide will increase their investment in IT infrastructure related to cloud transformation at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27% over the next five years. Drawing on more than three decades of telecommunications and cloud experience, Huawei has established three main factors for the cloud transformation of telecom operators: first, choosing the transformation strategy taking into account the unique advantages of the operator; Secondly, develop a transformation plan that takes into account data security, system stability, and service speed; And third, choosing a reliable partner with experience and knowledge that will lead to mutually beneficial cooperation.

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Huawei integrates these three factors into its solutions for cloud operators.

First, Network + Cloud extends the scope of network monetization. Huawei’s networking knowledge and cloud-to-network collaboration solutions enable operators to expand their services and expand their market to maximize network value. In addition to, Huawei Cloud It provides China-based customers with a cloud + network + security deployment solution that not only extends the coverage of traditional ICT solutions but also multiplies their value.

Second, services + cloud accelerate service innovation. Huawei Cloud It leverages the company’s telecom industry expertise and the advanced capabilities of its cloud platform to make telecom operator development more flexible while accelerating market innovation. In Africa, a customer used Huawei Cloud To deploy a mobile wallet system, which allowed it to launch the service in weeks instead of months. environmental system Huawei Cloud This accelerated deployment even more, reducing the time frame from a few months to a week.

Third, Operations + Cloud makes operations more efficient. Pre-optimized cloud solution for Huawei Cloud It supports basic communication services, expands the range of users, and drives the continuous growth of basic services. An Asian company calculated that only 10% of 5G subscribers use 5G service plans and benefit from 5G network coverage. Huawei uses a distributed data lake solution to support collaborative analysis of Business Support Systems (BSS) data, improving operational efficiency while increasing 5G marketing transformation by 180%.

Chen Xiujun concluded his speech by affirming a commitment Huawei Cloud. “The key to a network operator’s cloud transformation is smarter use of the cloud across the network, services, and processes. Huawei Cloud You will work with operators around the world to create new space for growth. »

Huawei Win-Win Innovation Week will be held from July 18-21 in Shenzhen, In China. Together with global carriers, industry professionals, and thought leaders, we explore topics such as 5.5G, green development, and digital transformation to envision shared success in the digital economy. For more information visit:

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