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Founded in 1909, ESSCA ESSCA School of Management is the Grande Ecole Post-Baccalaureate School. It offers various courses for careers in marketing, commerce, finance, human resources, digital, and consulting. A member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, it offers a Bac + 5 diploma aimed at a master’s degree, it also offers a bachelor’s program aimed at a licensing degree, a specialist master and a master of science.

Assembly Act 1901 and called EESPIG, ESSCA School of Management is part of the 1% of the world’s three-time AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS management schools accredited, for its program excellence, international openness, and proximity to businesses. It now has a network of nearly 17,000 alumni spread across the world. Founded in several educational locations in France and abroad (Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Bordeaux, Lyon, Paris, Strasbourg, Budapest and Shanghai), the ESSCA Group offers an international curriculum linked to an extensive network of partner universities in 56 countries.

ESSCA opens its doors in Strasbourg at the beginning of the 2022 academic year! Thanks to this institution, the school will be located in all urban areas. The campus is located in the heart of the “European Business District” in Schiltigheim, one of the largest areas of activity and innovation in Alsace.

Students will be able to take advantage of a 1,200 square meter building, 7 classrooms, a student hostel, rooms for community living and an on-site catering outlet.

On the Strasbourg campus, ESSCA offers several programs including the Bachelor in International Management.

Only the first year of a Bachelor’s degree will be available in 2022 on the Strasbourg campus.

The Bachelor’s degree in International Management from ESSCA in Strasbourg is spread on three main axes: mastery of the fundamentals of management, internationalization of the student’s profile and professionalization of his path.

A 3-year course to build your project and discover your talents!

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Year One: Mastering the Basics and start their specialization course

The first year of the BSc in International Management from ESSCA enhances general knowledge and basic knowledge in management sciences, personal development, writing and languages ​​and advances digital literacy and project management. It aims to make students faster and more independent in acquiring knowledge and know-how later, and offers a first experience in business.

Once this first year is over, students will have to complete a company discovery training in France or abroad (6-8 weeks).

Second year: Internationalize your profile and continue with the specialization course

Chapter 3

Lessons focus on deepening the basics of management:

  • management finance,
  • International Trade,
  • Strategic and Operational Management with an emphasis on Strategic Marketing and Intercultural Management.

Students can choose to do this semester on campus in Budapest. They can also extend their stay to the fourth semester and thus benefit from an entire year in the Hungarian capital.

Chapter 4

During this semester, all students go abroad where they will have a semester abroad at a partner university, or a semester at the ESSCA campus in Budapest or Shanghai. If they wish, they can conduct an internship abroad.

Possibility of internship in a company, in France or abroad, for 6 to 8 weeks before or after the international semester.

Year 3: Professionalize your course

The third year of the Bachelor in International Management at ESSCA in Strasbourg has the dual objective of professionalism and orientation towards careers in the chosen field of specialization.

5 specialization tracks by campus:

  • Marketing and Sales (Potential Alternative)
  • International Business Developer (taught in English)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • E-Business Development
  • sports management

Chapter 5

The fifth semester is devoted to developing academic and practical knowledge specific to each discipline. It is supplemented by a base of 4 lessons common to all students. Preparation for the end-of-study internship that takes place during the following semester is also part of the programme.

Chapter 6

End-of-study training or continuation of a work-study assignment for students who have chosen the Marketing and Marketing major.

Admission Procedure

In the first year

Admission to the first year of the Bachelor of International Management at ESSCA in Strasbourg is via a competitive examination after registration at Parcoursup.

The competition is open to any candidate who is preparing for a French Baccalaureate (in the French capital, at DROM-COM or at French high schools abroad) or already holds a French Baccalaureate.

The competition consists of two parts: a file study and an oral test. A bonus is given to candidates with a TAGE Post Bac score.

For candidates who want to integrate an English language course (Angers, Budapest, Lyon and Paris campuses), an official English language test is required.

Find all the methods of exams for the Bachelor’s degree on

2023 calendar

  • Registration on Parcoursup: between the end of January and the end of March
  • Oral exams: beginning of April in Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Bordeaux, Budapest, Lyon, Paris and Strasbourg. Each candidate chooses a location and half a day from the suggested dates.
  • Admission results: early June

In the second year

Open to students who have achieved the first year of higher education, admission to file and motivation interview.

Registration in the section applies to the ESSCA.

In the third year

Only for the Aix-en-Provence, Angers, Lyon and Paris campus. Open to students who have achieved their second year of higher education, admission on file and motivational interview.

For blogging:

  • The Marketing and Marketing option is offered only on the basis of a work study.
  • The Bachelor’s degree, effective in 2023, will not pertain to students entering the third year in parallel with admission in 2022.
  • Registration in the section applies to ESSCA


International Admission

Candidates who prepare or already hold a foreign high school diploma register directly at

Acceptance in the file and interview.

For candidates who want to integrate an English language course (Angers, Budapest, Lyon and Paris campuses), an official English language test is required.

ESSCA: School of Management

Target professions

Once you graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in International Management from the ESSCA School of Management in Strasbourg, you will be eligible to fill the following positions:

Specialization: Marketing and Marketing:

  • commercial export
  • Export Sales Manager
  • International Buyer

Specialization: International Business Developer:

  • Export Marketing Manager
  • marketing manager
  • Sales Officer

Specialization: Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

  • Business Builder or Acquisition
  • social entrepreneur
  • Business creation consultant

Specialization: E-Business Development:

  • Digital Project Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • digital marketer
  • Search engine optimization manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • E-Business Manager

Specialization: Sports Management:

  • Health and fitness center manager
  • Sports project manager
  • Sports Store Manager
  • Positions with sports equipment manufacturers

Strengths of the ESSCA Strasbourg Bachelor in International Management

  • ESSCA’s international showcase and its large network of accredited partner universities.
  • Compulsory international experience from the second year
  • 1 full semester of study abroad, from the second year
  • Professional immersion with an internship each year and the possibility of a work-study program in the third year
  • The educational quality of ESSCA
  • Professional training in line with the expectations of companies
  • Innovative teaching methods in project setting

more information

The main characters of ESSCA

  • 8 study sites
  • Network of partner universities in 56 countries
  • Nearly 7,000 students in primary and continuing education
  • 157 permanent professors
  • 410 international lecturers, lecturers and experts
  • 3 Institutes, EU ASIA Institute, Digital Marketing Institute and Advanced Pedagogical Institute
  • 2500 partner companies
  • 16,890 alumni worldwide

BBM in International Management from ESSCA

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