The fake accounts were behind Snydercut Push – Report

With San Diego Comic-Con this week, Warner Bros. They will likely have huge announcements and reveal for upcoming DC movies. With Black Adam in theaters and an Aquaman sequel early next year, there are still a bunch of movies fans have been talking about for nearly 10 years since their debut.

Snyderverse has become a frenzied mass movement with hashtags revolving around the Zack Snyder trailer version of the Justice League movie that he turned away after a family tragedy. Reports then surfaced of the difficulty of working with alternate director Joss Whedon, from the cast to the workers on the set, and even allegations of racist rhetoric. With the final release of Snydercut Justice League on HBO Max, fans then demanded that the Snyder-created Act be brought back to DCEU, which led to another viral hashtag. But how valid is the request?

A report by Rolling Stone claims to have spoken to more than 20 people involved in the edits for the two Justice League films, most of whom believe that Snyder himself was behind the campaign. A source told them, “Zack was like Lex Luthor wreaking havoc.”


Looking at the numbers and subsequent regression, questions are already starting to arise. The hashtag RestoreTheSnyderVerse went viral and got over a million tweets in a single day. Then it went down to just 40,000.

“You don’t normally see such a drop,” said a Rolling Stone digital marketing executive. They stated that it bears signs of “the militarization of the movement”. This is where things took a more severe turn.

Behind the scenes, Snyder wasn’t sated and wanted the names of Jeff Jones and John Berg removed from his clip for the movie because it wasn’t something they “believed in, developed, or helped make,” but also reiterated that neither he nor his wife said anything negative about the duo. Not only did that stop his followers from harassing these two, but many other members of the Warners, including former global communications director Johanna Fuentes and even director Adam Wingard, whose Godzilla vs. Kong. When it was released on HBO Max. 13 days after Snyder’s Justice League.

“I don’t control my fans, the fans,” Snyder told Rolling Stone in a commentary, while claiming he was never asked to. “They have their own will and their own opinions; you really give me a lot of credit.”

Godzilla vs. has outgrown.

“As an artist, it has been a pleasure to finally be able to see my vision come to fruition after such a difficult time in my life and be so well received,” Snyder told Rolling Stone. “Thinking of negativity and rumors does no good to anyone.” He went on to see how people see the good work done by the fan base is represented, referring to the charity For SnyderVerse that has donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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