Michel Tequia (Monaco): “My job is to learn and test!”

Nowadays, the expansion of the digital age favors the creation of new practices. Among these, “growth hacking” stands out. But what is this marketing strategy?

according to Michel TequiaThis system “balances the art and science of marketing to acquire and retain users/customers using the data that matters most”.

The young consultant knows his job well: he’s worked as a “growth hacker” for nearly ten years. But how does this digital professional seek to revolutionize his sector? Portrait enthusiast committed.

Michel Tekea, marketing in the skin since childhood?

Michele Tequia was born on June 13, 1980 in Monaco. He is a curious and determined child. In elementary school, the little boy joined the first aid team in his school. Michelle and her colleagues participate in competitions and it does not take long to win prizes. These victories awakened in the boy a constant desire to surpass himself. And this is just the beginning… The years pass and the ambition of the teenager grows.

During his high school years, he was integrated into the French Red Cross team. For him, this merger is a blessing because his team participates in major European competitions. The experience proved fruitful: his group reached the tenth summit. Wishing to convey his passion, Tekia decided to establish a Red Cross youth club in the heart of the emirate.

For him, the opening of the club is also an opportunity to reform first aid training. Little by little, his association grew and became one of the most important in the country.

This expansion is not accidental. In fact, Tecchia Michele uses a specific tool to expand its network: Facebook. Recognizing the digital possibilities, Monegasque is developing a real marketing strategy to highlight the business of his organization. An invitation was born.

Studies: From Marketing to Communication

At that time, “growth hacking” did not exist. However, Michel Tekea already knows that marketing piques his interest. In 2000, he joined IDRAC Business School. For five years, he explored all marketing strategies. He received a master’s degree in Marketing and Management in 2004.

After receiving his degree, he chose to study at the Sciences Po Grenoble Institute. There, he acquires skills crucial to his future. During one interview, he explains: “My time at IEP Grenoble serves me every day, even if I’m not working in management. In fact, as long as you’re working in a team, you should be able to communicate clearly and professionally.”

After two years in Grenoble, he got his first job. He worked for about a year at the Expleo group, in the heart of Toulouse. It is mainly limited to communication tasks. This professional experience confirms him in his ambitions. “Communication and marketing go hand in hand,” he says.

So when I was working as a speaker for an Airbus contractor, I always thought about my target audience, how to promote my interviews and stories, and my media company. This is how I started getting interested in the commercial aspect of content, known today as content marketing.”

After that, the young man became a “business developer” of the Orange company. Then two years later he joined the Ebookers. Monegasque, who is responsible for creating content to attract customers, explores the marketing experience. For a future entrepreneur, this experience in this field is a real incentive.

Discover ‘growth hacking’

Within Ebookers, Tecchia’s missions mainly revolve around the concept of marketing. But something is wrong. In fact, Michel Tequia He notes that his knowledge of marketing is still relatively limited. For him, these shortcomings turn into a source of motivation.

Then the young man proceeded to find training. And his perseverance paid off: at the beginning of 2012, Tecchia joined the Growth Hacking Academy. Located in London, this institution is a pioneer in this field: it is the only European institution offering this course. The training is intense: over a period of three months, Tecchia discovers new marketing tactics. And on top of all that, its network is growing exponentially.

In fact, the young man deals with business analysts, software engineers and designers. Participates in real startup projects. For the future entrepreneur, this training is a complete revelation.

A project that lives up to his ambitions

Now done, Tecchia returns to Monaco He decides to set up his own structure. In 2016, Michelle Tekea officially became an entrepreneur. His company offers innovative strategies to cater to industries (lead generation, growth hacking, Google Ads, online marketing, digital marketing, business development, media strategy, etc.). For Tecchia, the message is clear: “growth hacking” is “a hype term for the new and, in my opinion, the right direction in internet marketing.

The primary task of a growth hacker is to conduct experiments to unlock growth opportunities based on an in-depth analysis of stages and user flows (“conversion paths”). In short, sailing enthusiasts help companies achieve their business goals through innovative marketing tactics. But what are the essential skills to become” Growth hack?

According to Tecchia, the Growth Hacker masters topics such as optimization or statistics. This professional should also have an open mind and a great ability to think. For Michel Tekea, each individual is a potential pioneer. her motto? Learn and test. Not a trivial piece of advice from a bold entrepreneur…

More information about Michele Techia: https://www.michele-tecchia.com/

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