Binance American Coinbase brand in panties

The US subsidiary of Binance has the answer and wants to make it known by simultaneously launching an affiliate program with Coinbase, which remains the #1 leader in exchanges The cryptocurrency is in the US market but is seriously losing momentum, closing itself down citing tough bear market conditions.

US Binance mocks Coinbase

The misfortune of some is known, it makes the happiness of others. As the listed company passes through an endless black streak that seems to be navigating the horizongroping to straighten the helm of a sea-going ship taking waters everywhere and forcing it to adopt a succession of restrictions sometimes with regard to its personnel, with one-fifth of its workforce being reduced, or especially its employees with the affiliation program suspended, the competition scrambled to advance in an effort to capture a share of these Desirable US market.

One way to do this is specifically Take the opposite view of negative ads about the giant with feet of mud. Thus, Binance US decided to adopt this strategy. The platform, through the voice of its CEO Brian Shroder, had already responded to the Coinbase hiring freeze by saying that it would gladly hire any candidates left behind. In the same vein, by adding the verb to the word, it is now announced Incentive program to promote exchangeintended for an audience of influencers, entrepreneurs, and content creators whose terms are already defined in a blog post.

Binance attack in the US market

Binance in the US is a tortuous history, punctuated by regulatory battles that led the world leader to set up its US division in 2019 to comply with a particularly rigorous regulation requirement.. But the beginnings weren’t easy, and it was especially marked by choppy direction, changing heads at a brisk pace, and frequent tweaks to the show.

Since joining the Shroder consoles, last October, the platform appears to be gaining stability. However, she does It is still under investigation by the US Commodity and Futures Trading Commission for market manipulation. And American justice will put it in the crossfire on suspicion of money laundering and tax evasion.

The downsides that continue to discredit and frighten the average user, but Binance US has resources, above all the parent company, and free trading operations added to the low cost policy can attract individual Coinbase investors, who are reeling from the platform’s bankruptcy rumors and stunned by its high fees .

US FTX in ambush

In fact, Binance US has never looked stronger, with an initial round of $200 million valued at $4.5 billion, and is a firm believer in its goal of going public in two to three years, although in terms of transaction volume, It remains a small thumb. As a benchmark, over the past 24 hours, it recorded just over $800 million in trading volumes when the parent company negotiated more than $19 billion.

However, with Coinbase fluctuating, the US market has never looked open. However, we will have to deal with another giant, which is also in a hurry to position itself on a larger scale in this area. We’re talking about it of course FTXwhich is more focused on derivatives, which began to lay its foundations by introducing fee-free US stock trading on its US division.

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