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J7 Media, from its sister company Pure Commerce, is looking for a TikTok Campaign Manager who will follow up on multiple customers and their advertising strategy on TikTok.

You will work on strategic planning, monitoring results and supervising the creation of advertising campaigns on the platform.

With your experience and willingness to keep up with trends on TikTok, you will also know how to optimize and adapt each ad campaign to the specific needs of customers.

By getting this job, you will:
Create conversion-focused TikTok advertising campaigns and strategies to achieve customer goals (Spark ads, hashtag challenge, etc.).

  • Analysis of advertising campaign reports
  • Find solutions to improve TikTok strategies for different customers
  • Briefly and collaborate with the creative team to craft distinct creative concepts
  • Participate in the inner brainstorming
  • Leading projects from the ground up

The required conditions are:

  • Experience with TikTok ads and know the platform’s ad manager
  • Good knowledge of social network and its trends
  • Master the basic concepts of marketing (CPC, CPA, ROAS, CTR, cash conversion rate, etc.)
  • Sharp analytical thinking for optimizing and analyzing advertising campaigns
  • Fluency in French and English (oral and written)

Our dream candidate is someone who:

  • Passionate about new technologies and the TikTok platform
  • Constantly on the lookout for digital marketing trends
  • Able to guide the creative team to produce the best advertising concepts
  • independent and strict
  • Creative and luminous
  • Able to work in a team
  • Resourceful and solution oriented
  • He cares about customers, their products, and what is being done elsewhere

About J7 MEDIA
J7 Media manages over $3 million in Facebook ads per month. From strategy to creation, we have only one goal in mind: Accelerate the growth of our customers with Facebook Ads.

We have offices in Montreal and Quebec, but the majority of our team works from home. To compensate for the distance, we regularly organize activities: [email protected]Restaurant dinners, water slides, sugar shack, picnics, a yacht party, a weekend in Barcelona (for our team in Europe), you name it!

The average age of our employees is between 25 and 35, and no matter what our job is, we like to send each other GIFs, do 5-7 “kicks” and splash champagne.

Work in J7 comes with :

  • insurance group
  • 5 days personal leave
  • sick days
  • Telecommuting or office work of your choice
  • Access to a dialogue platform that provides telemedicine services, mental health support and EAP
  • complete education
  • Advance Opportunities
  • And above all, an exceptional team

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