LTK’s app comes out to meet French influencers –

Marketing effect. On July 18, on the privatized beach of La Mandala in Cannes, dozens of influencers were invited to a meal. On the table, we can see products given as gifts such as MAC lipstick or the Vogue cap. By introducing them in their stories, these creators all have the same reaction. On their photos it is possible to find a link to the product sales page. On closer inspection, we quickly realize that the links to these online stores are personalized.

In fact, all the influencers went via a third party app to generate these links. They went to the LTK platform, previously called RewardStyle and Liketoknowit. These apps are now standardized under the same name and were imagined in 2011 by Amber Venz Box, an American influencer. At the time, she was looking for a way to monetize her blog when she would share her clothes. The principle is entirely based on affiliation, influencers receive a commission once users go through their link and make a purchase.

LTK is looking for the best French influencers

Present all over the world, in the US, Germany and Australia, LTK wants to develop its presence in France in 2022. That is why the team has organized several events in recent weeks, such as the one in Cannes. “The goal is to attract as many new influencers as possible. In particular, we are looking for micro influencers and content creators who have a very active community,” says the site. people online, Jayed Omari, Director of Creative Partnerships in France. By going to meet them, the French team makes them test the app first-hand and can thus give them concrete feedback on their performance.

Last July 18th, in Cannes, ivylovestyle, oceanemarinelli, valerie.sabban, laorawalk or even audreylieutaud were present and introduced themselves to the Affiliate Link Stories game. If the result is conclusive, then these profiles can place this type of information on each of their spaces. LTK went to meet them in Marseille, Biarritz, Bordeaux and will soon be in Monaco. Today in France, several thousand content creators are registered with the application. French profiles like Noholita or Lisa Germaneau already generate very good income thanks to the sharing of their links in their stories and on their sites.

Make Influencers the Millionaires of the Future through Affiliate

So the platform has a very specific goal: to allow content creators to live by their passion. In addition to the links, their community also has access to a mobile app. Influencers share their looks and can provide information on the products they are wearing or those they are similar to if they ever run out. Content creators also have a dedicated app for them where they can track the number of sales or clicks made on their content. Interested profiles can request to open an account. So far, all over the world, LTK has gained hundreds of women millionaires through these affiliate links posted on their social networks. Consultants are available to influencers to help them grow their business to the best of their abilities.

At the same time, LTK has a lot of data that can only be of interest to brands. The team has access to the sales details of each influencer and is thus able to select the profile that sells beauty, décor or even fashion. Unprecedented technology and data give consulting teams the best way to guide brands who want to implement impact marketing campaigns. Because unlike affiliate app, LTK offers influencer marketing consulting services.

For the rest, the LTK will continue when it launches in France during the fall. Until then, the goal is to meet as many influencers as possible in the four corners of France. The team has the will to search for profiles that are developing not only in the world of lifestyle, but also in the decoration or technology sector.

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