Digital lighting in North Africa

(Huawei) – North Africa Com, the most influential integrated information and communications technology (ICT) industry event in the North African region, has been organized by Informa Tech, on the theme: “Uniting North Africa’s digital ecosystems to promote sustainable and inclusive growthDurant l’événement, Huawei a partage son expérience et sa vision sur les pratiques de l’industrie sur le plan international, engageant la discussion sur les moyens mis en œuvre pour réduire la fracture numérique et libérer le potentiel de l’économie en Afrique from the North.

Dr Philip Song, Director of Marketing, Huawei Carrier BG, said in a keynote speech titled “5G to light up North Africa“The digital economy has become an important pillar of national economic and social development, and 5G is a major lever for the development of the digital economy. According to joint research by Huawei and industrial organizations, it is expected that by 2030, $1 investment in “5G and fiber“It would bring $26 to emerging economies. Currently, 5G is advancing at a much faster rate than 4G, creating the conditions for a digital leap in emerging markets like North Africa. In addition, Huawei is introducing the model.”Code 5A“For the development of 5G in North Africa, i.e. affordable device, amazing 5G services, attractive price plan, flexible marketing and advanced network. In conclusion, Dr. Philip Song said that Huawei is committed to ensuring business success for its customers and has always maintained a high level of investment in Research and development Take 2021 as an example, Huawei’s investment in research and development exceeds 20% of its annual revenue to support the company’s continued leadership in key technologies such as 5G and optical technology.Major cities around the world rank first in all of these cities.

Industry digitization is another key driver for enabling the digital economy. Corbin Kao, Vice President of North Africa Business Division at Huawei, said that with the rise of the global digital economy and the transformation and upgrading of the industry, North African countries have integrated digital transformation into their national strategies. The operators provide a solid foundation for the development of the national digital economy and enable the digital transformation of thousands of industries. Huawei will work with operators to explore new business opportunities and development paths in the future, and strive to ensure customer business success.

In the field of To-C, FinTech presents tremendous opportunities and helps unlock the potential of the digital economy in North Africa. Feng Bin, vice president of Huawei Software Product Line, said Huawei’s global fintech solutions include wallets, payments, and microfinance services. They have served more than 380 million users in more than 20 countries. By making contactless online payments, these solutions reduce the risk of epidemics, and in many countries help the government provide benefits to tens of millions of citizens, and provide financial services such as microloans to the population. North Africa is currently in the golden age of business development in the fintech field. Huawei is ready to work with carriers and partners to provide digital financial services to every organization and every individual.

Universal connectivity is the main goal to reduce the digital divide. Ms. Jenny Sun, Huawei’s National Broadband Industry Development Manager, pointed out that democratization and broadband infrastructure development will greatly enhance the country’s economic and social development. Therefore, the government must assume its role and responsibilities. The governments of Egypt, Tunisia, and other countries have adopted positive policies and measures to democratize and develop broadband in their countries. In addition, Jenny Sun said: Huawei will continue to support broadband development in Africa in areas such as solution innovation, application development and the dissemination of national broadband concepts to accelerate the bridging of the digital divide in the region.

Finally, Huawei won the North African Telecommunication Champion Award, which honors Huawei’s outstanding contribution to promoting connectivity in ICT networks and developing the industry in North Africa through continuous technological innovation.

Huawei will continue to adhere to its values: “In Africa, for Africa, continuous innovation and reliabilityIt will digitally bring every person, home and organization to a fully connected and smart Africa.

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