Design Studies and Graphic Design, How do you start once you graduate?

The design and graphic professions attract thousands of students every year, but don’t panic, they are also highly sought after by businesses. For this vast and ultra-modern sector, three professionals give you their advice.

There are many ways to practice design or graphic design: BTS, Professional License, DNMADE plus various diplomas from Bac + 3 to Bac + 5 At schools such as ENSAD, Gobelins or Estienne School. The choice of training is wide and the opportunities are numerous: industrial design, 3D animation, web designer, marketing, graphic design, illustration …

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3D Animation, Motion Design… Specialize in One Field

But once you earn a diploma in graphic design or design, it’s not always easy to jump into the deep end. “The mistake of young graduates is to create a self-employment situation and tell themselves that they will start receiving freelance orders. But as a professional, deadlines, clients, paperwork, and issues are not the same as those on student projects. It’s worrisome at first,” says Lucciano Espeso, a 33-year-old graphic designer.

“What has allowed me to work is to be multidisciplinary, while continuing to specialize”Faisal Bockari, a 33-year-old digital designer, explains. Website, 3D Animation, Workshops in Schools Faisal was involved in several fields before he could earn a living in motion design. “In the beginning, you need to know how to accept contracts that you do not necessarily like.without getting stuck, but you also have to know what you want,” he advises.

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A balance must be found between the creative project and the contract

Once it is put into the labor market, The early years can be tough. If spontaneous entrepreneur position is often seen as the holy grail of many graphic designers, it also requires knowing how to survey and being able to advance, while building your network. Feel free to switch between more creative projects and contracts that can be less satisfying but more stable.

Lucy Parks, a 30-year-old illustrator, switches between CDD (fixed-term contract) as a graphics editor in youth journalism and freelance contracts, The balance you should know how to create : “My activism feeds off each other. In the fixed-term contracts, I joined a team where everything is exact, I can’t hold my paw or my aspirations, I went there because the editorial streak intrigued me,” she explains. Because at the same time, responding to the commands of handouts, tutorials or illustrations, she can develop her own personal style and unleash her creativity.

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A space for everyone in the field of design and graphics

The three professionals make sure that there is room for everyone in design and graphics. It remains for everyone to develop and show their world.

“The more curious you are, the more people you meet, the more work you get,” Faisal notes. “The best advice is to always do what you love most, and to strive for it. It can be difficult at first, but it’s worth it!Luciano asserts on his part.

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