L’Expression: National – Chiefs are in a hurry to take action

They want to move towards diversification of trade relations and non-hydrocarbon investments.

The Algerian-Italian Business Forum was certainly fruitful from the point of view of the contacts made between the economic actors of the two countries located in the International Conference Center, but we nevertheless maintain the absence of significant announcements on the duration of the projects. In any case, it should be noted that yesterday’s attraction was undoubtedly the signing of the hydrocarbon contract between Occidental, Eni, Total Energy and Sonatrach. It remains that the atmosphere was full of optimism, and the impasse in language did not prevent businessmen in the two countries from considering fruitful partnerships. Several appointments were made with the aim of establishing business contacts between operators.
This dynamic was also very noticeable in the press release published by the Algerian Council for Economic Renewal (Crea), which was published in an interview with a delegation from the Italian Confederation of Industry “Confindustria”. The two employers’ organizations discussed enhancing cooperation. According to a press release from Crea, the two organizations “met, on the occasion of the Algerian-Italian Economic Forum, to discuss future partnership arrangements.” Crea and “Confindustria” believe that the economic strengthening of the Algiers-Rome axis should allow Algerian companies to benefit from Italian know-how, particularly in the manufacturing, agriculture, agri-food and tourism sectors.
The same source asserts that the two employers’ organizations “want to move towards diversifying trade relations and non-hydrocarbon investments and want to define conditions for convergence between small and medium-sized and small and medium-sized enterprises in the two countries to move towards good joint production.” .. To do this, Crea intends to rely on the strong presence of the Italian Agency for Foreign Trade “ICE” through its office in Algiers, which will allow the rapid implementation of this new pattern of relations with Italian companies, the same source adds.
Moreover, at the institutional level, the economic departments of the two countries have spoken in a very serious manner, especially in small and medium-sized companies where the Italians are very powerful. In this spirit, the National Agency for the Support and Development of Entrepreneurship (ANADI) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Confederation of Small and Medium Private Industries (Confapi), in the field of small projects and entrepreneurship. This memorandum aims to enhance economic, commercial and technical cooperation between Anady and Konfabi, especially with regard to improving the competitiveness of companies in global markets, said a press release issued by the delegated services of the ministry responsible for small business. It also aims to encourage Italian companies active in the areas of production of industrial equipment compatible with the needs of micro-enterprises, to settle in Algeria, and to develop the capabilities of Anade, especially in terms of quality, openness to foreign markets and digital marketing.
Le mémorandum a aussi pour objectif de développer l’assistance technique dans les domaines des chaînes agroalimentaires, du cuir, de la laine, des huiles végétales et essentielles, ainsi que du textile durable et de l’habillement, en asrepiens aux microactivants In this area. The memorandum also provides technical assistance for the development of project evaluation tools through the registration system for Anade and technical assistance for the development of open innovation within Algerian companies, including small companies, at the conclusion of the press release.

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