How to monetize your website

How to monetize your fee paying website to become an annual resident in 2022? The news of 2022 makes you think about how to combine passion and manage your monthly budget. So it is possible not to get a second job and take advantage of the house with a website …

It is important to analyze the monetization ability of your website, if you have a strong community, a unique experience or a passion for engagement to engage Internet users.

Thus, set your goals well and follow your Kpis (Key Performance Indicators) to increase your reputation, visibility and thus visitors. You will need to be patient, learn from your challenges, while keeping it simple in being able to achieve the Holy Grail with website monetization. It’s important to get readers on the site, but getting them to the site in particular, isn’t necessarily easy. It’s a technology, it’s a profession.

However, here are some noted tips and techniques that work regardless of technical level.

How to monetize your website in 2022?
How to monetize your website in 2022?

9 techniques to monetize your website and earn money

There are many sources of income for a website or blog. The main challenge is to generate website traffic to monetize it:

  1. Sell ​​products with Affiliate Marketing : get a commission for every sale as a broker;
  2. Offer to sell advertising space for ads: Google Adsense;
  3. Selling e-books or white papers;
  4. converting the display site into an e-commerce site by automating the sale of products and services;
  5. refer to sales funnel platforms;
  6. direct traffic to your YouTube channel;
  7. Attracting brands as an influencer;
  8. Selling articles or links from your site using Netlinking;
  9. Offer to sell products online via Amazon Partner without managing inventory and shipping: Dropshipping technology.

What is the traffic generation strategy to make your website profitable?

Use all internet services to promote relevant content. Be the owner of the maximum site that can access your unique content, domain name and website depending on the technology used.

Before you can make profits or money, generate traffic using the following acquisition channels:

  • Natural references: Finding keywords used by Internet users by searching in search engines such as Google. It takes time in the number of months;
  • The Paid bookmark or ads : With a controlled budget and a profitability strategy between the number of clicks and sales generated, you can achieve great success;
  • advertising on social networks such as Facebook;
  • Social networks in the content of photos or short / story or long videos for advice, tutorials and tips.

Remember to create business pages on your various social networks, and use your community in your profile to promote them.

Quesako dropshipping?

It is a 3-part system where the customer (internet user or consumer) places an order on the website of the distributor (the distributor) through you. This is how the order is passed on to the supplier (wholesaler often overseas for cost and VAT reasons) so that the latter can guarantee delivery and manage stocks.

However, the difficulty of mastering information, goods and quality of delivery can oblige you. Surround yourself with people and professionals in the field.

What steps do you need to take to go from paying for the running of the web to becoming a website owner?

What is an affiliate program?

This is to highlight in an article an affiliate link to the site with a tracking code to commission your work, often with a promotional code. The platforms allow advertisers and bloggers to share their work. Thus, it is easy to access content for payment. Be careful to respect the RGPD and specify in articles and publications that these are affiliated products or services.

Switching your website or blog to a version that asks or offers payment, is a real project or a new challenge that requires time or a boost for professionals in the field.

Questions to ask yourself about your e-commerce sales business:

  • What CMS technology should be adopted? (Open source, pure code, SaaS?)
  • What level of security should I choose for my site and its data?
  • What is my budget for graphic, technical and advertising redesign?

What is a google adsense account?

Google offers to participate in the AdSense program. As a great master, it pays you for ad impressions or clicks on Google ads displayed on your site. In fact, getting traffic takes time and thought 🙂

Thus, Google AdSense allows publishers to earn money from their online content. With AdSense, ads are selected based on the content of your website, its visitors, and cookie type data. Advertisers are the ones who create and pay for ads, with the aim of promoting their products, from a sale, not through the clicks generated, of course. No need to click manually or automatically with bots.

Affiliate platforms?

They will evaluate the quality of your content and your site traffic. Affiliate platforms are simple and easy solutions to profit from online business.

In fact, it allows you, as an affiliate marketer, to get a bonus on sales made through you: brands determine the percentage of commissions.

Examples of Affiliate Platforms

  • Founded in 2003, Kwanko is one of the leading affiliate marketing companies in terms of portfolio depth of brands and themes;
  • MyLead allows you to earn money while staying at home;
  • Thematic platforms: financeAds International is a premium affiliate network for banking, insurance and fintech.

What are the conditions for monetizing your blog or website?

Go from casual income to regular income

Earning income is a commitment to tax transparency. Verified Apr 07, 2022 Does income from additional activity need to be declared? Yes of course with the help of the tax website.

Thus, you can start a small business as there are very few costs, then think according to your turnover and income to put in the company maybe to make it your next main activity, and finally improve your taxes by moving to corporate tax. In a self-employment or small business, the tax system is income tax. Get advice, because every situation is unique.

How is income earned on the Internet declared? From what amount?

Using digital technology, advertisements are submitted directly online on the website, or on a declaration form that will be submitted to the Public Treasury. Every tax family is obligated to complete a return even if your income is very low and irregular.

If you are not self-employed, you can do it Your earnings report directly on your tax form. You must indicate your income received during the calendar year, then the tax is calculated on 50% of this amount for the provision of services and 71% for sales activities, with a minimum of 305 euros.

How do you declare your income with YouTube?

You can report income Youtube Via an AdSense account, with an intent that has SIRET, create a freelance company, and get a VAT number within the community. It will be necessary to respect the number of subscribers and monthly views to be eligible for monetization: 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers over the past 12 months.

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