Dominique Buttons hinted at getting a new mandate at the head of the Computing Committee

Dominique Botton’s term of office must be renewed for three years as president of the National Center for Cinema and Motion (CNC), which expires on Saturday, July 23, unless there is a last-minute reversal, during the Cabinet, Wednesday, July 20, according to our information. At the beginning of June, the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdel-Malik, had clearly called for this extension by announcing her before Parisian : “He is the CNC head who faced the crisis and who was, moreover, a pioneer in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence.” Regarding specifically about him since he has been under judicial control since February 2021: “The presumption of innocence prevails.”

At the end of April, the Nanterre Public Prosecution Office requested the referral to the criminal court of the CNC chief on charges of sexual assault on Judson. In October 2020, this 23-year-old filed a complaint about facts dating back to August 2020, while on vacation in Greece. Dominique Botonat Controversies “Resolutely all the facts”, According to his lawyer. There is no case law requiring the withdrawal or resignation of a civil servant under investigation. For ministers, this has been a practice since 1992, and is applied on a rolling basis.

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This legal situation forced the head of CNC to reduce his public appearances, but it did not prevent him from defending the interests of French cinema during the pandemic. He received 310 million euros in aid (excluding those, governmental, given to all companies), of which 211 million went to cinema operators – severely affected by months of closure or scale restriction – and 38 million to producers, and 54 million to distributors. No cultural sector in France or in any other country has received so much help. Significant recovery actions have already been initiated, and by 2030 a new windfall of 350 million euros will be allocated to film studios.

“liberal politics”

Coming from the insurance world, the 52-year-old CNC boss has created two Covid-19 imaging guarantee funds – co-financed by the state and private insurance companies – from 1Verse June 2020. Resume filming and series shooting in France faster than anywhere else. In the wake of the #meetoo revelations, the commission created a policy to combat sexual and sexual violence. The assistance provided by the Center is now conditional on directors of film, audio-visual and video game companies after specific training. Between October 2020 and the end of 2022, 6000 professionals will have done so. “It is still strange that the head of CNC is accused of sexual assault and the entire profession is required to pursue such training,” Note, however, a factor, illustrating the precise attitude of Dominique Boutont towards the film industry.

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