Break the logic of selling B2B innovations

Wave4growth and Visionary Marketing offer you a course in selling innovations B2B justified Reverse the sales logic, and it is needed. Why is complex selling so important? Because selling has changed and the challenges of complex selling are manifold. This course is also available online on the Cloud Business School website by clicking this link.

Reverse the sales logic: conferences and training courses to sell innovations in B2B

A course on inverting the sales logic for selling innovations in B2B

Why is it so important to reverse the sales logic today? Because sales have changed. The problems with the complex sale of B2B innovations are manifold. The first difficulty for a seller is to rise to the level of business issues, changing strategic issues and addressing interlocutors maker in business functions that allow them to get out of the box and grow sales tenfold.

Why is complex selling so important? Because the sale changes?

No, it’s changing and we’ve been telling you that for 10 years. But in reality it is happening now. And what happened is that the stocking seller market disappear because they have no added value. The complex sale and the only one that requires sellers, all other forms of sale are passed through the Internet.

In addition, complex selling will increase. When we talk about sales in the newspapers, we talk about B2C. But the reality on the ground is that two-thirds of the economy is made up of intermediate goods and services. Most of the economy is B2B!

Selling innovations in B2B: That deserves a course

Additionally, complex B2B sales are those where the financial stakes are most important, from large global companies to start-ups, including SMEs and ETIs.

The problems associated with the complex sale are manifold. The first difficulty for a seller is to be exposed to buyers who keep bringing him back to a discourse on specifications, while a complex sale requires him to change his discourse and interlocutors.

change of sales pitch

Change the discourse to raise it to the level of issues, professions and strategies.

Change the conversational partner to target decision makers in business functions that allow them to step out of the box and increase sales tenfold.

Additionally, vendors are being ambushed by new digital tools without always seeing where and how to bring more efficiencies than they take their time.

Prospecting for complex sales: can do better

Another problem is prospecting. We can hear it on two levels: winning new customers in new territories or winning new projects with existing customers.

But in both cases, prospecting, already a difficult and daunting task whose failure rates discouraged the most motivated, has only grown more complex to the point of sometimes seeming impossible.

To complete the picture, the Covid has changed the situation, isolating the seller from his interlocutors, sometimes even from his colleagues and even more from his perspectives.

About the trainers

Yves Blandiaux has been working in and with large technology groups for almost 30 years in general management and sales management positions at the heart of complex sales.

Today he supports large technology companies and start-ups in order to multiply the clout of their sales.

Yves is the founder and director of

Yann Gourvennec has experience in complex sales, design of sales information systems, marketing, content marketingthe social selling and ABM.

Yann is the founder and director of Visionary Marketing

A program inspired by our experience selling innovations in B2B

This sales course is a pragmatic program inspired by our 60 years of accumulated experience in the field, with many concrete and practical examples, tips and tricks that you will not find anywhere else.

It is the only program that covers all aspects of complex selling:

  1. prospecting techniques;
  2. partnerships & alliance strategies;
  3. sales methods;
  4. digital tools;
  5. social selling;
  6. Drafting and defending tenders;
  7. Internationally, above all at the highest level.

In short, we bring you all the tools, methods and techniques to hit the mark in complex sales, whether you are a founder of start-up companies or a manager of SMEs to large corporations.

Sales manager, KAM business account manager, business or marketing developer. If you know complex selling, if you deal with complex selling, this program is for you.

Click on the button below to access all the information and to register yourself or your employees and we will meet you online very quickly.

The course program reverses the sales logic in B2B

Who is this B2B sales training aimed at?

To everyone involved in selling innovations: salespeople, sales managers or marketers, the latter becoming increasingly involved in the business. And in detail:
• The management of sales teams: sales managers, sales managers, sales managers and sales and marketing managers;
• All sales functions: Key Account Managers, Account Managers, Sales Engineers, Salespeople, Salespeople;
• And all B2B marketers who are increasingly active in the commercial field, especially in the context of ABM projects (Account Based Marketing) in mixed sales-marketing teams.

By complex sale we understand this form of sale, which is interested in long processes, involving many actors with products and services innovative. The sale takes place there “through the solution », namely by solving customer problems, because solutions are the answers to a problem.

Reverse the program of the B2B sales logic course

This course is divided into 25 sections and about fifty videos with an average duration of 7.5 minutes (15 minutes per section). Each section is assigned an exercise. The course is accompanied by 3 quizzes, including an assessment quiz that allows you to compare the evolution of knowledge acquisition between the beginning and end of the course) and the adaptation of Jeffrey Gitomer’s quiz with new questions of our bill. Passing the final quiz entitles you to a certification that validates the training.

  1. Introductory explanation 15 minutes (these two videos, totaling 15 minutes, are visible above).

CHAPTER 1 How do you generate leads?
2. Cold calling by phone 15 minutes
3. Cold calling on LinkedIn 15 minutes
4. Possible tactics 15 min
5. The persons 15 minutes
6. Return from field 15 minutes

CHAPTER 2 How to build your network
7. The Little Black Book of Networking 15 min
8. Networking Quiz 15 min
9. Enter value 15 minutes
10. Network virtually for 15 minutes
11. The location of the digital 15 minutes
12. Remote appointment booking 15 minutes

CHAPTER 3 How to Master ABM and Inbound Marketing
13. Inbound Marketing 15 min
14. The Marketing Automation 15 minutes
15. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) 15 min
16. Content 15 mins

CHAPTER 4 Convergence Sales & Marketing
17. Collaboration between sales and marketing 15 min
18. Partnering to Sell Better 15 min
19. ABM and Value Selling 15 mins
20. What if you are an SME? 15 minutes

CHAPTER 5 The irresistible offer
21. New customer or new project? 15 minutes
22. The Victorious Triptych 15 min
23. The persuasive conversation 15 min
24. Building the Irresistible Offer 15 min
25. Argumentation and conclusion 15 min

Course end evaluation 15 min

Complex sales course

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It is also possible to organize face-to-face or hybrid training sessions with your sales teams.

  • PRESENTIAL: in your premises or in specialized premises chosen for the occasion;
  • CONFERENCE: It is possible to involve Yves Blandiaux and Yann Gourvennec in the context of conferences on site or in conference rooms;
  • MOOC (ONLINE): can be combined with the above services, or for groups or individuals: book now, this training is available now, at the price of 195 € excl. VAT.

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