An open war between Triller and TikTok

The success of promoting books on TikTok will leave you wondering for some time to come, despite some regular contacts. However, the CEO of rival Triller asks,Immediate ban of TikTok, calling it the greatest existential threat to the structure of America“.

The call sent to ActuaLitté responds to many issues, details the DPG, which here invites all US users and others. Meanwhile, the US government is demanding that the necessary measures be taken to ban the application completely. A consistent position, while the two tools seek to convince users to reconcile musical culture to work to enhance cultural elements – books and others. Mahi de Silva’s appeal is available below in full.

Triller calls for an immediate ban on TikTok

Triller calls on the CFIUS, President Joe Biden, Congress, and the Department of Defense to ban TikTok, calling it the greatest security threat to America today, in an open letter from Mahi de Silva, Triller’s CEO and President.

As the CEO of a global company whose mission is to help creators take control of their own destiny in the creative economy, leveraging transformative adaptive technology, I stand with a growing number of elected officials, regulators, intelligence officials, and other world leaders and consumers who recognize the devastating impact TikTok has on our society. Danger signals abound, from the leaders of our intelligence community to journalists who specialize in the most diverse and interconnected technologies.

Every American parent must be wondering what this social video app knows about their children and how these signals are used to better understand the location, preferences and habits of their parents and the whole family. The collection of data sent by US TikTok users begins with content preferences and location information that can quickly determine home ownership, business hours and vacation dates, as well as a wealth of accurate data about all aspects of our American lives.

Today, we are asking every American to immediately remove TikTok from their device. In addition, Triller is calling on the US government to take immediate action and ban TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance. The stakes have never been greater.

Professor Scott Galloway’s recent article, TikTok: Trojan Stallion, aptly explained this:

The Chinese government has the power to access private sector data at will, and a wide range of laws make this possible, including the State Secrets Protection Act: if you are suspected of hosting state sensitive information, you must grant access to it. The state acquires a small stake known as the father of the family (usually tied to board seats) in companies that are strategic for the state.

One of those father-in-law deals is with ByteDance, and while TikTok is not available to Chinese consumers, the Chinese’s access to TikTok data is undisputed. Open access to TikTok data. “He has access to everything.”

This raises serious concerns about TikTok in the United States.

AI systems that recommend short videos will be expanded to impact e-commerce and its associated supply chain, which in turn will shape and influence the future of US commerce. The Chinese company ByteDance and TikTok, its agent in the United States, have already captured the lion’s share of digital attention, with Americans spending up to 90 minutes a day browsing AI-recommended content, which is much more than the time spent on platforms like Google, Facebook or amazon.

Specifically, our concerns as Americans should extend beyond our wallets to the backbone of our society: representative democracy and free speech. The AI ​​systems controlled by the Chinese company ByteDance and delivered via TikTok are the penultimate tool for influencing our youth by shaping content and perceptions that advance a pro-China agenda.

It’s clear that in the tech lexicon, the signal-to-noise ratio of TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance is all about signals. It has become inevitable that TikTok’s over-centralization in the market will not only be a threat within the creator ecosystem but our entire economy, because its Chinese owners are not bound by the same rules as those other platforms in this field. These current and future risks threaten the entire American innovation economy.

We understand that some would argue that Google, Facebook, and Triller also collect countless digital grains of sand from users. However, like all other US companies, Triller operates under US laws. It would also seem appropriate for a company to require that the largest company be banned from its space. Triller is primarily about giving creators complete control over their content and fan data, and ultimately… complete control over their own destiny.

As Professor Galloway rightly concluded, we as a society have welcomed a foreign player to seduce our children and dominate this market, and we have done so without objection.

Trailer thinks this has to stop.

As Triller grows to build the platform for creators and lays the foundation for a one-of-a-kind creation platform, we’ve developed a much deeper understanding of the creator economy. Through our lens, which looks at more than 175 billion social media posts each quarter, covering more than 2 million creators and 25,000 brands, we’ve found that TikTok removes content and contributions from diverse creators, making that content invisible to their audience. .

There is no denying that TikTok’s AI algorithm designed by ByteDance is the ultimate advertising tool, which is why India has banned the app from its citizens. Another example includes TikTok’s role in the recent Philippine elections for “Bongbong” Marcos, as detailed by Bloomberg. As the article cleverly outlines guilt for TikTok’s role in rewriting the history of the Philippines, each of us must also clearly understand that this exact mechanism is present in each of our homes.

There is no doubt that TikTok plays a pivotal role in creating surveillance networks inside and outside China. The paths through which these technologies can access our lives are virtually limitless. This is a clear and present danger and a matter of national security.

Look at the breadth of data that TikTok can access and understand. Then pair it with the broader concerns raised by our political leaders, our intelligence communities, and our business leaders: There is no smoke without fire.

Trailer sounds the alarm today.

We don’t have time to waste.

Triller, a platform for creators by creators, has developed a network of services and products focused on creators. It has brought together a revolutionary ecosystem to meet the immediate and long-term needs of those looking to share their passion with the world. As we focus on the origin and future of the innovative economy, we believe that the broader future of American innovation is at risk due to our continued indifference to this threat Literally between our hands.

Join us today and take action. Join us and all the visionary, freedom-loving Americans who believe in free markets, creative freedom, innovation, and a future where we can direct our lives unhindered by the forces of darkness.

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