What are the most in-demand professions in Spain for the start of the 2022 academic year?

The professions that are hired in Spain are those related to digital commerce, health and e-commerce.

The coronavirus pandemic has marked a career turning point for many people who have had to shut down by commitment, and are trying to retrain. Others have done so by choice, out of a desire to redirect themselves to an activity more in tune with their personality and desires. But in the current context, it is wise to ask what professions will be employed in Spain in the coming months.

Job search platforms like LinkedIn, Adecco, or Infojobsstudied the labor market trends for this year, which are encouraging for certain sectors of the economyBusinesses like e-commerce and technologyWhile other sectors on the contrary are losing from the epidemic (hotels, tourism, etc.). The medium-term economic outlook indicates thatSpain in 2023 could reach the historic occupancy figures of 2007According to the director of Manpower Group España.

E-commerce and logistics

The e-commerce boom, driven in 2021 by the advent of online shopping, is driving job opportunities related to this sector. Business files in the world of e-commerce Required, such as account managers, but also positions related to digital marketing, in addition to managing customer services and customer experience: Social media management managers, or even SEO experts.

At the same time, this increase in web requests is increasing Logistics Jobs Among the top 10 most desirable profiles for 2022. Businesses really need people to work in their e-commerce warehouses and handle the order flow: there will be a special demand for storekeepers, order pickers, but also couriers.

Digital professions are most in demand

The trend that started in 2021 has been confirmed: the jobs that will be most in demand in the coming years will be those related to digital technology and information technology. The digital transformation of organizations and the need to integrate new technological processes push employers to search for talent such as:

  • Software developers
  • Experts in artificial intelligence or big data,
  • Cloud Architects
  • Cyber ​​security specialists
  • Or robotics engineers?

Health and training: consequences of the epidemic

The pandemic has doubled the need for qualified personnel to handle emergencies like these. Those who have been on the front lines of fighting the virus are not enough to face such a crisis. Thus, all Professions related to the social and medical environment Demand will continue to rise in 2022.”But also all jobs related to home help, care and support for the elderly or children will be searched especiallyAccording to the statements of the director of the Adecco group to the Spanish press.

on the other side Education, training and guidance professions Also the wind in their sails. Confinement and the pandemic have been an opportunity for many people to take stock of their lives and careers. To meet the needs of reorientation and personal development, online coaching and coaching is on the increase. Labor market experts expect special interest this year for educators and online coaches (regardless of their field: financial, emotional, etc.) as well as personal sports coaches.

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