VERGNET – An important change in the management of VERGNET – 07/18/2022 – 08:00

Important change in the management of VERGNET

  • Separation of duties of the Chairman and CEO
  • Head set, Cyril Corton
  • Appointment of the managing director
  • Former CEO Patrick Werner has passed away
  • Appointment of 6 new directors
  • Implement a profitable and sustainable strategy
  • checking current accounts

Elms, July 18 2022 – Significant changes have occurred in governance at the helm of VERGNET. The Board of Directors, largely revamped with the appointment of 6 members during the general meeting on June 29, made the decision to divide the duties of the Chairman and CEO to better meet the company’s needs in the impacted future. The war in Ukraine. This development is in line with best corporate governance practices. Patrick Werner, Chairman and CEO to date, is leaving the group and being replaced by Cyril Corton, Non-Executive Chairman and Cyril Lederan, CEO.

An engineer by training and holder of a Master’s degree in Innovation Management from Grenoble Ecole de Management, Cyril Courtonne now runs his own consulting firm specializing in the creation, development and restructuring of high-potential companies. He started his career in cross-functional technical/sales/marketing positions within industry groups such as SAGEM before launching his first digital company in 2009 and reselling it in 2018.

Cyril Lederan was appointed CEO on May 19, and he brings recognized experience in turnaround companies. After sales and marketing responsibilities in highly organized international groups, he joined more entrepreneurial structures over 20 years ago. He has solid experience in all areas of public administration. His leadership, ability to work in a team and willingness to mobilize his people are strong assets to ensure the recovery of VERGNET.

In addition, the Ordinary General Meeting on June 29, 2022 voted unanimously to appoint 6 new directors: Marie Yegani, Cyril Corton, Matthew Rousey, Daniel Wilfrid, Michel Autran and Christophe Le Blanc.

Vergnet Group Development

Backed by their expertise, Cyril Corton and members of the Board of Directors expressed their confidence in Cyril Lederan to manage the group. They set themselves two tasks:

  • Develop a profitable and sustainable strategy based on Vergnet’s DNA, in particular on its technological expertise in an environment conducive to renewable energies,
  • Auditing of accounts, in particular the budget for the current fiscal year, prepared by the former CEO. Even in the presence of positive elements, the stated positive outlook must be validated.

Cyril Corton, President of Vergnet said:

The evolution of Vergnet’s governance represents an important step in its transformation. I am very proud to be appointed president. I will endeavor to ensure that the members of the Board of Directors, whose extensive experience is an asset, support Mr. Cyril Lederan in his work to manage the group. Separating jobs will allow him to focus on strategy and follow transformation and operations. The Vergnet has a precious history and future for writing. »

Cyril Lederan, CEO of Vergnet, said:

“I measure the privilege of investing in this new mission. I have set myself the goal of developing a viable and coherent strategy for Vergnet by drawing on the skills of my employees who carry the spirit of the group. This is part of tomorrow’s challenges and I intend to throw myself on this adventure in order to accompany Vergnet towards The renewal the group deserves.”

About Vergnet SA

The Vergnet Group specializes in the production of renewable energies: wind, solar and hybrid. Building on the power of unique technologies, the group has developed the Hybrid Wizard, a hybrid system that controls in real time the share of renewable energies pumped into the electricity grid, ensuring the safety and operational security of the isolated island or grids.

The group has installed more than 900 wind turbines and 365 MW of all combined capacities. It is present in more than 40 countries and has 200 employees in 12 locations.

Vergnet has been listed on Euronext Growth since June 12, 2007.


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