Le Parisien tested: the Vivo V23 smartphone for selfies, nothing more

Nicknamed the ‘chameleon’ phone… Vivo V23, the gold version, changes color when exposed to sunlight thanks to its fluorine-coated back. This is not the only “trump card”: Le Parisien tested it for several days. That’s what we thought.

Vivo V23

We loved

its design. We can’t help but appreciate the final finishes of the Vivo V23. It’s a small gadget, but perhaps that’s what it takes today to stand out in the smartphone sector where we seem to have reached a glass ceiling: the back of the smartphone … changes color. How ? Thanks to the light fluorine coating. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation – of course, with the sun – the golden-colored structure (it does not work with black) takes on a small bluish tint in a few seconds.

Vivo V23 is exposed to UV rays, and turns blue.  As here, we turned on the UV light on the back of the smartphone with our hand above the phone.  LP / AL
Vivo V23 is exposed to UV rays, and turns blue. As here, we turned on the UV light on the back of the smartphone with our hand above the phone. LP / AL

Selfie camera and its own lighting. This is one of the marketing arguments for this smartphone, and indeed a strong one for selfie lovers. Vivo V23 has a main sensor … 50 megapixels on the front! Thanks to two “dots” placed on the top of the smartphone that can light up, it is possible to take selfies even at night. This little “gadget” also works in the phone’s “Camera” app, such as in the TikTok, Snapchat or Messenger apps. It is also possible to use filters via the “Portrait” mode, such as improving his cheeks, expanding his lips and even adjusting the gap between his eyes …

The operating system. The Vivo V23 runs on Android, but adds a Funtouch OS 12 overlay. This offers a fun aesthetic with many customization options and many widgets that can be placed on the home screen. A dedicated app can also “clean” the phone to free up space and scan files for viruses or other hacked files.

We loved less

There is no waterproof certification. Yes, but not by the pool! It’s a small disappointment for a phone that wants to focus on the photo: the Vivo V23 does not have a waterproof certification, neither water nor dust. This means that the smartphone may not survive if it falls in the pool or toilet bowl … for example. For its price, it’s a bit disappointing.

Sound quality in the speaker. You only need to turn up the volume to realize that its quality is not perfect. Petty for some, blocky for others: there’s only one speaker located at the bottom of the phone. Thus, watching a movie or series there, without earphones, can become difficult: you have to hold the phone, being careful not to block the earphones with your finger. Those who are used to stereo sound may be disappointed, even if these days it’s very rare to listen to anything on the loudspeaker.

Image magnification is too weak. It’s almost a wrong move for Vivo. The zoom that the smartphone offers – it’s just a digital zoom – is disappointing. The images are of poor quality with grain that is no more beautiful once you turn on the zoom, whatever the conditions. Zoomed in x10, we are here with the impression of gouache in front of us.

In vivo v23 magnification test.
In vivo v23 magnification test.


We tell you frankly: we had no crush on the Vivo V23. The phone is nothing special, without a lot of bugs in it. It might be interesting for “influencers” who like to take selfies as this has been particularly taken care of. For a phone that sold for around 500 euros, the Vivo V23 remains a good and affordable product. We especially appreciate its design, with elegant finishes and quality materials.

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