How to make a digital brochure for social media?

Digital brochures published on social media must be of impeccable quality, relevant and able to reach the largest number of potential customers. Also known as interactive magazines, these brochures are advertising tools that facilitate communication on the Internet and especially social networks..

Create a digital brochure for social media: How do we do it?

Used by many modern companies, they make it possible to inform, educate and advise Internet users about a product, idea, individual or organization. The digital brochures Include text, audio, video, MP3 files, etc.

As an e-merchant or online service provider, using this type of advertising allows you to better define your marketing strategy.

If you want to encourage as many potential customers or visitors as possible to take an interest in your products and services, assign your project to one or more professionals (graphic designers, graphic designers, illustrators, designers, photographers, editors, etc.).

In this article we present 6 Tips for Successfully Creating and Publishing a Digital Brochure To connect on social media.


Learn how to identify social media

There are different types of social media:

  • General social media : Includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.
  • Social media to share : These help to share any kind of content (photos, video, music…).
  • Social media to connect : It is used to create and develop a network. In this category we have for example Linkedin and Viadeo. These are Type B to B networks that bring together professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Social media for messaging : They promote instant conversations between users. In this category we can categorize Skype and Whatsapp. Forums are also part of this category.
  • Social media for publishing : These allow you to publish original content such as articles, reports, quizzes… The best known platforms in this category are mainly blogging sites like WordPress or Blogspot.
  • Social media for cooperation : These are the arguments that make it possible to create remote workgroups. Project managers generally use this type of channel to communicate internally. Slack is a perfect illustration of this in this category.

Promote the content of your brochures

by activating The content of your brochuresYou enrich the way you publish your products on the Internet and online chat platforms. By presenting animated elements, this motivates the Internet user or potential customer to want to refer to the entire message you planned to send.

To get the attention of your targets or users of your platform quickly, you can include them in these brochures:

  • Autoplay video
  • Slideshow slideshow to illustrate your pages.

The goal is to make your content more visible and lively.

Promote the content of your brochures

Include interactive areas in your brochures

The Interactive Zones These are the parts of your proposals that bring users closer to the information you want to convey. In order to directly engage them and bring their full attention to certain key points in your offerings, it is recommended to provide interactive areas.

For example, you can promote a product image, improve your brand, or something else by:

  • Giving the user the ability to enlarge your brochure
  • Add external links
  • Create share buttons
  • Encourage readers to share your posts.

Think about creating effects

You can decide to play with:

  • face effect : This is an effect that allows you to flip the pages of your brochure and browse through it peacefully. With this idea, users will feel comfortable discovering a project that has been tagged with pages.
  • slide effect : This effect also allows you to move between several branches of the brochure. The goal here is to ensure that the publication is adapted to the standards of freshness required on web pages.

Provide easy-to-use features

Simplify the functions you integrate into supporting multimedia communications as much as possible. Adding abbreviations is a good idea for Facilitate browsing the brochurefor example.

For example, you can create:

  • A search bar to help them quickly find what they want
  • Navigation Summary
  • full screen mode
  • mini pages
  • download button
  • Direct links to related products or related documents.
Provide easy-to-use features

Show content that can be read or compatible with popular applications

The Create a digital brochure You must answer this question: Will the version of the content you create be usable on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, and any other multimedia support?

According to a study by Médiamétrie, the average time an individual spends on the Internet is 2 hours and 26 days in France. Most of the internet users use their mobile phones and tablets to communicate.

In such a context, you need to be able to provide appropriate elements so as not to discourage them from quickly skipping the post.

Certain applications, browsers, or devices do not support certain types of formats or digital content. In case of doubt or difficulty in developing a suitable solution, it would be best to call a professional so that he can brief you on the compatibility and results of your project.

For example, if a file Your brochure size Corresponds to an image extension, this cannot be opened on a text reader. For this, it will be necessary to proceed with the transformation of the said image. And if you want to do it now, just upload your image here to convert JPG to PDF.

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