Fleet Management Apps: They Can Do It All

In short, fleet management apps (on smartphones, tablets, or built into the trunk) focus on monitoring vehicle usage. In fact, the driver application asserts itself above all as a communication tool between employees and the company. For home repairers, for example, portable tools help set and send prices. For a corporate vehicle, these applications cover other aspects of fleet management. Such as scheduling appointments, reporting mileage, car sharing (possibility to reserve and return the car), or even taking photos to prove the condition of the chassis or passenger compartment.

Thus, with the My LeasePlan app, an indicator light lights up to indicate the need for maintenance. Then the application displays the list of partners referred to by the company. Then the driver can make an appointment online in the network. For more than a year, he can also make an appointment directly from the app. And that’s “in complete autonomy, to maintain or repair your vehicle,” adds Florence Klich Verder, information and transfer manager at the rental company.

For this process as for all others, LeasePlan replicates its traces in its computer system. In fact, the lessor saves it in its CRM tool. Immediately after the operation, the driver satisfaction survey evaluates the quality of the service and the partner.

The process remains the same when it comes to performing maintenance. LeasePlan knows the history of operations carried out on the vehicle, as well as manufacturers’ recommendations and mileage. The lessor knows when vehicle maintenance is necessary. It warns the driver at the beginning of the road and sends alerts to carry out the necessary operations on time.

Fleet management applications for maintenance, service and claims

Another feature of My LeasePlan, the driver can declare a claim online and run the entire file processing process within the rental company. If necessary, this application accompanies the driver to the bodybuilder to repair the car. The driver can also use the app to manage insurance. “He doesn’t have to wait on the phone or wait for a response after sending an email,” says Florence Klitsch-Verder.

Today, LeasePlan is working on features around environmental leadership using information technologies. My LeasePlan will soon allow the digital copy of the gray card, certificate of insurance, authorization to leave the region, etc.

For its part, the My ALD Driver app locates mobility centers, ALD car rental agencies and service points. This last feature is the most used by drivers. Thus it is ahead of the digital glove box where registration documents, insurance, etc. are kept. The app can also redeem the fuel card code without having to ask the fleet manager.

Moreover, from My ALD Driver, the driver knows exactly what services the company offers to him. Like tires, maintenance, assistance, etc. He can order a tow truck online and follow his route in real time on the map.

Fleet management: an interaction between driver and manager…

At the end of the intervention, this driver could indicate the satisfaction rate. This is reported to the entire My ALD Driver community. On the other hand, each driver sees only the information that interests him. He does not have access to the financial elements of the contracts. With a shared vehicle, the anonymous use mode limits application to basic functions such as the location of service points. For his part, the fleet manager can interact with the driver. Thus he can present the vehicle document or driver’s charter. Miles can be sent to him via the app to update the status of his fleet.

Through My ALD Driver, the fleet manager can also interrogate the driver for mileage. And the app allows it to send alerts if needed. In addition, the demand on the part of drivers is significantly reduced. Then drivers become more independent. They benefit from information about all services. They can also redeem their fuel card code, access their insurance, etc.

… provided by applications

From his sofa, the driver can also make an appointment on the desired date. “My ALD Driver saves him time,” sums Thomas Nérot, Marketing Director of ALD France. This application responds to 80% of requests made to our service center. »

The Mobiflotte application for the fleet management software Winflotte also presents itself as an easy and efficient communication way to stay in touch with your fleet manager. Mileage logs are sent through the app, such as delivery and returns reports, claims photos, etc.

The driver receives information on the technical inspection or on the proper use of the vehicle. The app offers advice on recovery, maintenance, etc. Fuel cards are linked to the instrument and the readings arrive directly into the fleet management software. Another possibility: With shared vehicles, the app offers a reservation procedure.

Fleet management apps make life easier for drivers

With Mobiflotte, the driver can also access the company’s vehicle catalog and speed up the process of ordering his new vehicle. And with each renewal, a tutorial is sent to the driver to explain how the Mobiflotte works. “This tool is part of the emergence of intangible mobility, notes David Métais, CEO of Winflotte. In the future, the company will provide the possibility to travel by train, plane, etc. The digital tool will become essential, especially for monetization of services.”

Similarly, with My ALD Driver, the driver can access the vehicle catalog and place an order for their next vehicle. Then he is informed of the progress of the process until the date of delivery. My LeasePlan also allows the driver to order his vehicle. The application then opens access to the vehicle policy and the selection can be made step by step before sending it to the fleet manager for approval. The ease of the process relieves LeasePlan and the company from motivating the employee to complete it.

Sharing electricity and car

At the telecommunications company Océan (Orange Business Services), the driver can also access the vehicle policy. He can discover which vehicles he is entitled to and, in some cases, place an order. For electric cars, the app identifies charging stations on a digital map. Digital tools also help the driver reserve a car to share and access the car.

“Reservation was made using a smartphone, just like opening doors and taking inventory of fixtures at the entrance and exit,” explains Sergio Villanueva Alonso, Marketing Director of Ocean Direct. Finally, the fleet manager can also distribute Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) through the app: what to do in the event of an accident, loss of a fuel card code, etc.

In My ALD Driver, with the ALD key: the driver can book for a weekend getaway or vacation. LLD’s offering of electric vehicles is paired with short-term thermal model rental days. My ALD Driver can also be accessed on the portal, which includes a news feed. From the latter, the driver can access technical alerts (such as periodic services) and make appointments.

In the face of manufacturers able to report technical information from the vehicle, ALD also highlights its algorithms and predictability for maintenance. “We are not connected to the Vehicle Digital Network,” Thomas Nérot confirms. “But we do not rule out the development of environmental leadership jobs in the future,” he adds.

towards independence

In general, the health crisis associated with covid-19 has given a boost to applications. Just as the physicalization of vehicle deliveries and returns has also increased their adoption. Using apps is actually part of our habits. Tomorrow, with the development of multiple mobility, digitalization will take a new step.

In the long run and with the advent of the self-driving car, the situation will change radically. The car will communicate directly with the company, with the driver, manufacturers, road infrastructure, repair networks, etc. The driver will quit, and the apps will separate car functions to expand into other areas.

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